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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Holz Blogs The State of the Union 2007  

Little bit different this year for two reasons: one, I wanted to watch it downstairs and take most of it without having to type alot, and two,turns out blogger completely crashed during the speech and it woulda been hard to live blog it anyway. In case you haven't seen me do this before (this is actually the fifth time I've done it!) I usually do it backwards, but since it wasn't a live one, you can actually read this normally. Just on the stop thoughts during the speech I wrote down on a pad while eating dinner.

So before it starts, I decide to turn on MSNBC and watch it from there, simply because Olbermann kicks so much ass.

6:01 - First thing I notice is there's alot of red outfits in the audience, along with some solid blues. Jeez, are they there for a SOTU or to get on Joan and Melissa's most cliche dressed list?

6:02 - Amazed to see there isn't an Iraqi women sitting next to Laura this year. Surprise, surprise.

6:03 - What's up with the chick announcer calling everyone in? Is that a first? Not the strongest voice... wonder who she is.

6:05 - Guy just walked in that looked like Chertoff... but an even scarier version than usual. Anyway, I thought he was fired...

6:06 - Just switched to NBC and whatayaknow, it's in HD! Woo-hoo! Now back to Brokaw for a couple more minutes

6:08 - Wow, a bright yellow outfit now... I'm beginning to think their handlers knew it was gonna be broadcast in HD.

6:09 - Between NBC, ABC, and CBS, CBS easily looks the best with the HD broadcast. Only problem is that I have to listen to Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer talk over the president's entrance. Most amazing of all is that the Fox HD channel isn't broadcasting the speech in HD. Wonder why.

6:11 - First question of the night: what were in those manilla envelopes Bush handed to Cheney and Pelosi? I don't think I remember ever seeing them before

6:12 - Re: the intros by Pelosi and Bush. Actually found them very nice, more than diplomatic... they almost made you believe the two don't loath eachother!

6:14 - Thankfully, Pelosi looks good in HD. I was afraid she would look like death, warmed over. Kristine notes that Cheney and Bush both have on tons of makeup... never noticed it before, wonder if it's the HD

6:17 - I have a hard time believing much of what Bush says about the economy being strong. The economy may be strong in regards to businesses and those in the top one percentile, but with rising interest rates, stagnated income, and loss of healthcare, the middle and lower class are getting the shaft.

6:18 - Bush talking about a balanced federal budget... the first moment that had me seriously cracking up... and hey, so is Charlie Rangel! Bush has absolutely no ground to stand on when it comes to a balanced budget

6:20 - His thoughts on earmarks sounds like a great plan, but I'd really like to know how the billions of the past year break down upon party lines. Dollars to donuts, the Republicans would vastly outweigh the Dems. At least he didn't include his pipe-dream of a line-item veto.

6:21 - 5 years ago, the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted... and I still hate it. It was the worst bipartisan agreement for a long time (until the Bankruptcy bill which was passed this year)

6:23 - Man, not many bipartisan standing ovations tonight, and there have been alot of sitting Dems. Wonder how it'll play out when he gets to Iraq.

6:24 - No real thoughts on his health insurance ideas... honestly, just wait for Hillary to get power, I trust her with it alot more than I do Bush.

6:26 - Medical liability reform didn't pass in the pass year, when it actually had a (scary) chance... it doesn't have snowball's chance in hell now. Bush, if a doctor accidently cuts off my wrong leg, I think I'm entitled to a bit more than $250,000.

6:27 - Prediction: immigration will be Bush's only success story in 2007... and the Republicans will hate him for it.

6:28 - It as Michael CHertoff! I guess I had confused my incompetent assholes... strange how that can happen

6:29 - How can I trust his immigration plan if he won't admit it is amnesty?

6:30 And on to energy... does he ask for conservation... ugh, applause for ethanol. What do you guess those guys are form the Midwest. But yet, there it is, a request to reduce our consumption by 20%! Needed to be said, and I'm amazed Bush finally did it, but the question is whether it can be done. It is a bold request though

6:33 - Bush. Just. Admitted. Gases. Contribute. To. Global. Climate. Change. Shocking! Just wow... unless of course he framed it in a why I missed, this is a big admission... couldn't admit to global warming, but still, a step forward.

6:34 - 9/11! Well, a mention of a September morning... either way, drink!

6:36 - How can we as Americans believe any of these stopped terror plot claims. Haven't two of these already been debunked? I know that the last British one turned out to be crap.

6:37 - "Al Qaeda are Sunni extremists"? Really? Why do I find that hard to believe... oh, because of the fact Saddam and Al Qaeda hated eachother? I don't know everything about the Muslim world, but I found this to be just blatantly false.

6:39 - Ugh... that shot of the soldier with the missing eye was brutal.

6:39 - Just realized that Obama is sitting right in front of Hillary... wow, interesting placement.

6:43 - I'm amazed I can't think of anything to say about all this history being spouted about the Iraq War... I mean, I know alot of these facts, but what am I supposed to feel?

6:45 - Guys in full military garb not standing when Bush gives his Iraq plan... is it just me, or shouldn't that mean something?

6:49 - I just realized CBS's SOTU placard filing the bottom part of the screen is probably gonna burn into my TV tonight. Ugh. Bastards.

6:50 - I will admit this Iraq message is much better than his one from a few weeks ago. Didn't convince me though, only made me more sure that the current path we are on is not the right one.

6:51 - Bush has requested we grow the army by 92,000 troops in 5 years? How many did we have in December sign up... 700?

6:52 - Hold up... is he saying mercenaries are the key to victory? And now we come to Iran... what exactly will we do if Iran gets nukes? The same thing we did with North Korea?

6:53 - Wow... that was it on Iran? At least Darfur gets a passing mention... it's something... a very little something.

6:55 - I willgive props to the Bush administrations HIV/AIDS work that has been accomplished this past year, it's been excellent. This list here just goes to show our country's generosity to others is what makes us great... and giving others bodies piling up isn't that good of a gift.

6:56 - The first success story they focus on is a basketball star? Really? Amazed that Motumbo is the person who gets the coveted next-to-Laura seat.

6:58 - What the hell is this Baby Einstein crap? Sounds familiar, but not in a good way. That chick is a MILF though. These choices of American success stories are just weird.

6:59 - Love that the Subway saving guy is there, it's just a great story., but Wesley man, stop saying, "You're the Man" to Bush. Bush is not the man... oh waitaminute, come to think of it, I guess he is.

7:02 - And it's only at the end he mentions that the state of our nation is strong? Isn't that usually a starter...

Final thoughts... not a single mention of any social issues, abortion, gay marriage, faith-based programs... that was a big surprise. OPther than than, a good speech, that won't change many minds, he'll still be below 35% approval (Katie said 28% as he was walking out!). Taking a shitload of time to sign autographs though. Was it simply to delay the Democratic response? Either way, I didn't take any notes on Jim Webb's reponse, but I did find it very very good, probably the best I can remember.

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By far, this is your best summary yet. I am so proud!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/24/2007 4:56 PM  

The R's must be so proud that he's still in power...NOT!

A fella I work with works alot with the republican party and he's ashamed everytime W speaks!

I still can't believe he's the Pres...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/25/2007 4:28 AM  

I missed reading your blog backwards - oh well.

I watched mainly to see the words "Madam Speaker" - loved it and to see how phony Bush's comments on Pelosi would be - suprise surprise - I agree with you he seemed honestly proud that our country had come this far. Lets hope the next step is Hillary as (not for) President.

I also noticed Obama had a better seat and more air time than Hil - hummmmm - here's hoping the Dem's do not knock themselves out with too many quality candidates putting each other down so much that the repulican candidate end up looking good.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/27/2007 8:25 AM  

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