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Thursday, June 27, 2002


The Loss of Elevator Drama

Coming back from lunch today, it suddenly dawned on me that soon, elevators will lose any dramatic use in modern movies. They've just gotten too safe. It's gotten to be that a slight breeze blows past the closing doors, and they'll open back up for 5 seconds. And don't even get me started on the close doors button.

Never will you see in comedies, someone late for work running to the elevator, and sliding into the car just as the doors are about close, catching the eye of the studious, but obviously hot coworker. Instead the doors will open up again, and the young businessman would just look like a tool.

Never will you see in action/horror movies, a chase scene, where the the person running away sees the doors closing in front of them 15 feet away, and they get away from the killer just in time as the doors close, maybe even reaching through trying to grab the victim. Instead, the doors will open up again, and the victim will have his or her throat slit.

Finally, never will you see anymore quickies in a Skinemax type of movie. Every elevator will soon come equipped with cameras, the elevators get to the 60th floor in like 4 seconds, and I swear the stop switch puts up an alarm somewhere.

Sure, safety's important, but at the expense of entertainment? That sucks. Just think about it.

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