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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Jumping the Card Shark  

So it looks like the weekly poker game that my rommate and I have been trying to start is finally on a roll, having had a good group of guys at our place twice now this month. It's looking like we'll have no trouble filling a table with 5-8 guys a week, which is just perfect.

The last two weeks, we've played Texas Hold 'Em, a game which I had never played before ESPN started airing the tournements on TV... thank you ESPN. The game is much more fun with a group than simple five-card draw. Of course, the slightly pathetic part is that our game itself is fairly low stakes. Nickel, dime, quarter, with a five-dollar buy-in. It does grow beyond that, of course, with many people buying in three or four times after having been cleaned out.

So how have I been doing? Well so far I'm up both times, but nothing too big. Last night, I think I ended up $10, which seeing as at one point I had to've been up $25, was a little annoying. Oh well, starting off strong has it's drawbacks. I think I have some strengths... I have a talent for suckering people in with check-raises, and I pick up on people's betting habits fairly quickly... my roommate in particular has some interesting tells. If I have one flaw, it's that I am a big chaser. I will almost always chase a face-pair into The River, and will always chase a straight or flush into The Turn. While this has helped me sometimes, more often than not, it ends in failure. I really need to stop doing it...

Favorite pocket-hand: Ace-Jack

Least Favorite: 8-7... it's so hard not to chase that straight into The Flop... plus, I hate it more b/c a flush of mine was beat last night by full boat with the 8-7 pocket...

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