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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dude. Duuude. Dude? Dude!  

Well, Dude Weekend 2006 went off really well this weekend, with many former Nittany Lions meeting up in Vegas at Lushy and Mellitini's place... and amazingly, no one had to sleep on the floor! Woo-hoo, big ups to comfy beds! The funny thing about the weekend was as much fun as was had, the two "planned" events of a golf outing and Saga Sunday, in which we were planning on watching every episode of Star Wars in order, both fizzled out... of course, no one complained, as time was well spent on other excursions. Quick recap of the trip in memo-like bullet-point fashion:

  • Both my flight out to Vegas and my flight back were 30 minutes late. Southwest is nothing if not consistent. But I was able to amaze complete strangers with my Su Doku play with pens in line... I'm thoroughly convinced they all went home and the first thing they told about their trip to Vegas was the fact they saw someone kicking serious ass at a Su Doku book with pen.
  • Gambling-wise, probably one of my worst vegas trips, even though it was at a cool place, Sunset Station... first of all, I've come to the conclusion I don't like playing Hold-'Em in Vegas, because I need to set aside alot of time to be patient, and with my friends out on the floor, and me by myself playing a 3-6-9 game (which was a first for me), I was antsy, which threw my game off. After 45 minutes I went to play some blackjack with my buds, and no joke, only one blackjack after 40 minutes, and every single time I made a big bet, I'd end up with like a 6 or 7, and the dealer would show a ten. Not fun. Then, to make matters worse, I played some three-card poker and just got my ass spanked. One flush, and a few measly pairs... I think I got 7 high three times in a row. I was through gambling pretty quick this trip.
  • Now, ignoring that, it was great seeing everyone again. All my sophomore roomies were there this trip, and it was just like old times, except not at all :-) It was so great to see Young Nasty Man again (formerly The Audobot), who I probably hadn't seen in 7, 8 years. What a change, in college, he was a ball of stress (which admittedly, I probably added to as a roommate) but seeing him now, I don't think I know someone who's more relaxed and cool and collected and having of a whatever-to-problems mentality... except maybe me. Got to hang with Sharmall Law again for a bit and played some poker, and it's always a great time see Kat and David... aside from the Yankees love. Uber-props go to David for being our chaperone for much of the weekend.
  • Can't forget my geeks-in-arms, Kate and the Italian Stallion, who ventured to the Star Trek Experience with me. We all tackled a Warp Core Breach (my favorite drink in the world), and took the trip through the experience, which was capped by two cool shows, and impressive Borg 4-D show (which was only marred by a screaming bitch who took the "show" way too seriously) and an amazing flight simulator which had a highlight of a trip to the bridge and a video with Riker and Geordi. The night out took a bit longer than expected, but it was worth it, very fun.
  • I am a bowling god. Okay, not really, but I did have two out of three good games. For me anyway, good means breaking 130. And while the act of bowling can be frustrating after a while, and painful (sorry about your hand Meli!) the outing was damn fun... plus they had Gordon Beirsch on tap, which is a damn good beer.
  • There will be a picture coming of me online somewhere of me coughing, which is both the worst picture of me ever, but also one of the funniest. I'm still not 100%, which sucks, but I was able to fight through it most of the weekend.
  • I had my first 4x4 from In N Out in over a year... it was, quite possibly, the best burger I've had in my life. No joke, I was in heaven. And the craziest thing? I was the last person to get my burger, and I was still somehow the first one done. Worse? I was this close to going for a second 4x4 right afterwards, it was so good. But I held against it. This is what we call self-control in the mind of Holz.
  • Finally got around to seeing The Devil's Rejects, and loved it. Rob Zombie is a surprisingly talented director, he's got a style that's not everyone's cup o' tea, but I loved it.
  • We played some Hold 'Em at home, which I lost at. Most memorable hand: I hold A-5 and face Young Nasty Man. Flop comes A-Q-4, I go all in, and am called. He flips over A-4 for two pair. But the turn? A 5 for me! Yay! I'm screaming "No four, no four!"... and what gets turned over? A Four of Fucking Clubs. Total ass! That sucked, but it was worth it, simply because I love hands that involve lotsa screaming and cursing (sadly, this time it was me). Thing is, black fours on the river are my bane in Hold 'Em.
  • Finally, we caught the Penn & Teller show on Saturday, and I had a really good time. Kinda hard to review (I'm sure Kat will do it justice sometime this week), but if I could sum up, I just have to say that Penn Jillette is a master at crowd control. My personal favorite trick of his was him cold-reading the audience ala John Edwards, and pretty much ripping anyone who using the trick to scam people ala... well, fucking John Edwards. Teller also had this really cool bit with a rose and a shadow that while very minimalistic was damn impressive.
Alot more I'm missing, but as with all vacations, you can't do it justice in writing. Thanks again to everyone who showed up and made it into more than a nice break, you all made it into an event!

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I must agree. Great weekend. Sorry I missed saying goodbye, though.

By Blogger Kate, at 2/22/2006 10:32 PM  

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