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Monday, September 06, 2004

Second Nuts with Trip  

Okay, so it's been a few days since I posted, and I've got a two-weeks in comics I wanna get up before work tomorrow (hopefully), but I've got a poker story I gotta tell. So for those who are Hold 'Em impaired (i.e. MC Hairtrigger), you can probably ignore this. But, before I get into the hand, lemme just say yesterday was a great poker day for me. Aside from a crappy tournament outing, I quadrupled up by playing smart and reading players correctly. I am getting a little better. However, the following hand is a combination of proper reading, but still losing big.

So here I am, I've got a good chip stack, up to about $250, and I can tell I have a few players on tilt, because I've won quite a few hands with weak pockets. I'm in the big blind, holding a 10-8 offsuit, and facing a single raise with four other players in, and one more behind me to call the raise. I'm a fan of connectors, especially at a card-house, so I see the raise, as does the guy behind me.

The flop comes, and it's a beauty, 9-J-x. With my 8-10, I've flopped an open ended straight, and anyone who stayed in with an A-x or K-x didn't get any help. Since I'm next to the button, I bet to get a feel, and everyone calls. So I can pretty much assume that no one had a Jack.

Turn comes and a queen hits. I'm acting cool, but I know I am money now, facing a 9-J-x-Q, I've turned the second nuts straight. The only thing that could beat me is a K-10. I bet out six, and get raised. The next two fold, the third re-reraises, and the fourth folds. I'm placing the re-raise on a Q-x, possibly a Q-K, so he's chasing the straight with top pair, always a good bet. I play the odds and cap the turn bet, and the third calls the extra two bets. This was my big mistake. If I was smart, I would've simply called and allowed the next player to cap it off, if he had a good hand.

So, the River comes and it's an Ace. This is an interesting card, because if I'm right, the third player who was playing the high pair with the Queen just got scared with the Ace on the board. I bet out, and the second player raises me. Facing a bet and a raise, the third player realizes he's most likely beat, so he folds... in hindsight I wish I had asked the guy what he folded afterwards.

Anyway, I have a decision to make. The second guy raised, and with so much money in the pot, he knew he wasn't gonna scare me away with a bluff. So now I have to call or raise. If he had two pair, I had him beat, and there was no flush possibility. Looking at the board, the only thing that had me beat was a K-10, and if he had a 10-8 we'd split the monster. I've entered $39 into a pot of over $130. I look at the guy, and he's calm as a cucumber... and I know, in that split second... I. Am. Fucked.

"I can't fucking believe this... I'm gonna call you, but I know you have the K-10, and my second nuts are beat."

We flip cards, and I'm right, he flips over the K-10 and takes the pot, with apologizes. I congratulate him, because if I'm gonna be beat on such a big pot, I'm glad it happened with the nuts than with a bad beat on fifth street.

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Wow. I don't think I understood a single word in that whole thing. I think I might have seen "nuts" a few times and John being happy that it "happened with the nuts" but I dunno....

By Blogger k Man, at 9/07/2004 11:13 PM  

Nice beat! Good blog. Fun to read. Sometimes you make the right moves and come up on the wrong side. Oh well. heh. Good Luck.

By Blogger SirFWALGMan, at 9/08/2004 12:03 PM  

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