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Wednesday, June 04, 2003


S.A.S to S.A.M.: From San Antonio Spurs to Secret Agent Man
(the most unique blog entry title... perhaps)

I was gonna make my first blog entry after a short hiatus on my first two softball games (currently 1-1, perhaps more tomorrow) but I thought I should discuss my first foray into karaoke. Tonight was Game 1 of the NBA finals, so a few of us decided to head out to Manucso's (a pretty fun sports/dance bar). Honestly, I could give a rat's ass (I honestly went back and added the apostrophe there for proper English) for who wins this series with the 76ers and Larkers out of it, but hey, I won't be giving up an oppurtunity to drink during my non-studying time.

Anyway, we're a quarter into the game when our hot waitress (aren't they all?) informs us that tonight is actually Karaoke night. We thank her for the info, but seeing as it's 2 hours later, our interest ain't too piqued. Cut to two hours later, my pal Dave is getting ready to leave after seeing his Spurs kick the Nets ass (he's originally from San Antonio) and my friend Mark and I are beginning to flip through the karaoke book of songs. Me, I've always talked about how I wanted to go to one of these things, but I never got around to it. Mark on the other hand was the president of his frat, and he's telling me of multiple group sing-alongs he partook in. Emphasis on 'group'.

So an hour later (my roomie has shown up, drank with us, and left), and I've decided to go for it. 6 Cigarettes, 8 beers later, I'm up on the stage belting out Secret Agent Man along with Mark. Now, this is a favorite driving song of mine (sadly, Believe It or Not was not on the list) and I had a great time up there. Sadly, we didn't have any of our buds in the audience to tell us exactly how pathetic we sounded, so we told eachother we kicked royal ass, easily the best of the night. Of course, following four chick's singing Eminem's My Name Is... who barely get the chorus, Janice singing My Funny Valentine would be a classic < /not too obscure I hope>.

So, we both decided we are definately gonna show up again in the coming weeks (I have a feeling we'll be doing Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch on stage together) and hopefully we'll be able to drag a few more people up there. I recommend it to everyone... anyone who knows me knows I love singing incredibly bad to the radio while in the car, so if you think you suck as much as me, don't worry, there are even worse people out there...

Anyway, thought this page on cool comic book frames is damn funny...

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