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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Horrible Thoughts on the Art of Dog Wagging.  

I realize I've gotten away from political discussion on here for quite a while, just because I was getting so sick of it. In this partisan time, I couldn't and wouldn't try and change anyone's opinion. Half the time I can't even put into words the hate and disgust I have for the current administration. But I think one of the sure signs of how decrepit, evil, and untrustworthy BushCo is can be described in a discussion I had with my roommate yesterday concerning the brutal beheading of Nick Berg yesterday that was broadcast on the web.

In the video, there are about 5 masked men holding the guy hostage, and they kill him right there. There 'excuse' was that it was in retaliation for the treatment of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib. Personally, I don't believe that, and I think they would have done it regardless of what happened in that gulag (and yes, that whole mess is another discussion entirely).

The real problem arose between my roommate and I as we discussed the possibility that the murder was staged by a covert branch of the US to deflect all the trouble that has been rising in the past week over the torture stories. The guy had been in US custody just days before, so we were suspicious.

Now, let me be clear by saying I don't believe this to be true. I just can't. I believe that even after everything, we wouldn't even go that far. But, the horrible thing was that the thought itself had even crossed my mind. We've blown right past wagging the dog, to the remote possibility of slaughtering the dog. And this is not some kneejerk liberal reaction, this is a culmination of all the lies, all the killing, all the doublespeak that we've had to deal with since 9/11. There was no excuse for that tragedy, but it sure seems to have birth a multitude of excuses.

I've had debates with friends who are adamant in that the only solution is The Final Solution. An honest-to-god belief to nuke 'em all, and it will solve everything. And these are friends. I fear a significant portion of my nation feel the same.

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