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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Stove-Top: 3. Holz: 0  

For the third time in which I can remember, I've had a stove-top disaster. And the funny thing about all three is that none of them really entail cooking of any kind. The first two disasters occured while I was living with Tomothy... I'm sure he hasn't forgotten either.

The first accident can best be described as smoky. I had this brilliant idea to duct-tape our potholders to the cover over the stove, so they'd always be on hand. If I remember correctly, I think it actually worked for about 2 days. Then I accidently left a burner on a low simmer one afternoon. The little heat that was being let off made the potholder fall down, directly onto the burner. Thankfully, I was at home, so I was able to divert anything more than a smoke-filled apartment.

The second accident can best be described as messy. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with candles... I suppose I still got a couple remnants left. Anyway, I decided to melt a shitload of candle wax on the stove top. Not a problem. Then I decided to pour it into a plastic container. It lasted about 4 seconds. Then the plastic just melted into nothing, and the wax spread everywhere. We were finding bits of wax in our stove for months.

Which brings us to tonight, which can best be described as... hot. I wanted to clean up my stove top, and I find it easiest to boil some water in the teapot, and pouring it over the mess. Lazy, but efficient. Thing was, I forgot about the water. 'Bout an hour later, the smoke alarm's going off. I run out to the kitchen, and see that the teapot has gone from it's original cherry red color to a dark blood red color. I turn the stove off, and try to take it off the burner, but it had melded to it. The handles have melted apart.

I don't even know why roommates allow me to even operate a stove.

Hey, this is Tom. I do remember the candles. That was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. Oh, and Amanda, if you are reading this...how u doin?

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