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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PC at TCBY  

Hung out with my neighbors this weekend, playing some Bones, watching Nascar, destroying a keg of beer between 5 people, and basically just being a lazy bum. Still there were some funny highlights, one of my favorite being the following exchange while three of us (Age, Rum, & me) were at TCBY on Sunday night trying to decide which kinda of ice cream we wanted, and being fairly lit at the time:

Age (to the cashier and some customers eating at a nearby table): "So, if you had to guess, which of these guys do you think I grew up with?"

Customer sitting with family: "The one in the middle."

Age: "You mean the black guy?"

Cashier looks like she's about to pee herself.

Holz busts up laughing

Customer, clearly flabbergasted: "Oh, well, I, well, I'm very P.C."

Age: "Oh, then you mean the non-white guy."

Too funny.

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It'd be even funnier if none of you were black.

By Blogger Stan, at 9/06/2005 11:18 AM  

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