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Monday, August 25, 2003


Stroll Down Memory Lane...

So I started reading Wil Wheaton's Dancing Barefoot this week, and it's made me a little nostalgic. Talented writer that Wil. Anyway, after cleaning my apartment this weekend, I got around to diggin' out my video camera which I hadn't used in a long time, and along with the camera, I found some of the tapes I made. Sadly, there was only four of them.

To Mom: This was the first time I had used my camera, and it was split into two parts. The first had me filming my room I lived in during my internship in Hartford, CT. Pretty pathetic, but it is the first time I was caught on camera with blond hair. Funny thing is, I was filming at 11:00 at night, two days before my last day, and I had already taken down all of my decorations down. So I literally unpacked everything, and put it all back the way it was, just to get it on tape. The second part was filmed about 3 months later, and it was a little conversation Amber had filmed saying hello to my mom. The tape itself was supposed to be sent to my mother at some point, to show how I lived and everything, but being the horrible son I am, I never sent it. Not sure if she's ever seen it actually.

After BNL Concert: Easily the funniest tape I have in my collection, it's about 15 minutes long and starts with my then roommate Ray drunk off his ass, and my bud Fry nearly coming to blows, calling eachother homos. Typical drunk college guy banter. We then cut to myself acting like a complete jackass while playing Asshole with another roommate of mine, Adam, Fry, and some chick whose name I can't remember... she was a friend of Fry's. Suffice to say, I was completely hammered, and saying the most innane crap. My three favorite parts were eliciting Pythagreom's Theorem to show I was slightly coherent, tapping my forehead in an attempt to get sober, and announcing that "Did you know the word 'take' backward is E-Kat? What's up with that?". The tape goes on with Adam getting more and more perturbed at me and my friend's drunk behavior, the Katies arriving for like 2 minutes, me taking my shirt off for who knows what reason, and Amber giving probably the worst joke/story in the history of jokes (sorry babe, it's true). It ends on another testimonial from Amber that I always appreciate seeing... wonder if she remembers what she said.

Spring Break 2001: A nice little reminder of one of the best trips I ever went on, starring myself, Tom, Kelli, and Amanda (not my sister, Tom's damn cute drama friend) chillin' around Key West, Florida for a week. Easily the best vacation I've ever had, the only problem is we barely taped any of it. It started with some airport hellos and went on to showcase the horrible sunburns we got on our second day and how drenched we got in the pouring rain later that night. By the way Kel, thanks for wearing a white shirt that night ;-). Later we have The Luscious 1 and I going Slim Shady with our bad selves, and going totally blond. Some people may laugh when they see that (like my roommate did earlier tonight), but I thought I looked damn sexy. The next part of the tape (and sadly, about a 1/4 of the entire thing) was a kick ass Wet T-Shirt contest at Rum Runners... nothing like alot of nudity to spice up a Spring Break video. The rest of the tape was typical site-seeing shit, our long drive back up to Miami, and our tired goodbyes on the plane. Fun fun fun.

Graduation/Cross Country: First half of this is pretty blah, all it is is videotape of me sitting for like ten minutes, waiting to graduate. It was cool to see Kate and I havin' fun in the back row (I was the last person to get my diploma), but really it's pretty boring. Oh well. The second part however is kinda cute, and really the only time I've videotaped myself at length on camera. When I drove cross country out to Cali, I decided to give little testimonals at the end of each day. Didn't work though, and I only taped myself on two occassions. But each entry was pretty funny, and its damn eerie to see yourself on tape, doing all these mannerisms you never pick up on. This was yet another tape I was supposed to send to my mom, but never got around to... sorry ma'. Maybe you'll see it someday.

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