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Friday, January 26, 2007

Reason #63 I Love My Girl  

This morning, Night Nurse made me breakfast, and while I love her for that, this one had a little something extra: scrapple.

Yep, you heard it, my grocery story now stocks scrapple in the freezer! My breakfast love from the old country, that I didn't think you could even find outide of eastern Pennsylvania, had a very small section in my Safeway! Habbersett brand to be precise, marketed as Philly's favorite since 1863. It was everything I remembered and more... just so damn yummy.

For those who don't know what scrapple is, the name basically sums it up. Whatever they don't throw into making hotdogs (the scraps), they put into scrapple.

If you dare, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on scrapple. Sample description:

Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, particularly the brain, eyes, heart, liver, bladder, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth

Keep in mind, I know this is what it's made of, and I still eat it with gusto, it's that good.

Thanks again baby, it was De. Lish. Us.


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Ahhh, scrapple is so good. One question though, did you eat eat with ketchup, apple butter, or horseradish?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/26/2007 7:23 PM  

Ooohh... horseradish... I hadn't thought of that. Next time.

But no, I ate it dry (tried it with some Taco Bell Mild sauce though), since I'm not a fan of of ketchup and we didn't have any maple syrup.

By Blogger Holz, at 1/26/2007 10:29 PM  

Ok - have to jump in here - ketchup is my favorite way - but whenever we went to this Amish breakfast buffet diner - I used to see everyone eating it with apple butter - I tried it once and loved it - good taste Jay

Gotta love Kris - she is a good woman to cook scrabble


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/27/2007 8:03 AM  

Yep, and then later in the night we played a game of scrapple. :-)

By Blogger Holz, at 1/27/2007 12:16 PM  

Ouch - that hurts - as the editor of your own blog you could not have saved face for your dear old mom - no instead you must go out of your way to make me an object of ridicule

Damn - taught you well


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/30/2007 4:43 PM  

Just something to keep in mind. Scrapple contains crap. I could never get past the visual/mental intimidation. I seriously think they could have put it on Fear Factor. Now pork roll...mmmmmmm. Incidentally, shoofly pie is one of my local favorites.

By Blogger Stan, at 2/02/2007 5:14 AM  

Shoofly pie - talk about not being able to get past the visual/mental intimidation


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/02/2007 4:55 PM  

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