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Friday, March 02, 2007

Looking Into The Past  

So being Friday, and bored at work (leaving in a few), I happened to peruse some of my older entries, and what should I find but someone leaving a comment about a month ago on a post I put up over two years ago. Now, this wasn't the usual spam I find occasionally, this was an actual response...

" You all are a bunch of sick freaks. I happened to come across this site when looking up a different baby site and could not believe what I was reading. The dead baby jokes are horrible and the Jesus jokes are worse, but God is just and I'm sure you all won't be laughing when you're burning in hell!"

Now, this cracked me up for three reasons. First, it was an anonymous post, which, honestly, I can't stand, but I found just perfect for the comment. Second, they went out of their way to leave a comment on something I rarely look at anyway... the only reason I found this one was that I wanted a laugh and remembered the jokes made me chuckle. Third, and this is the main one, is how the commenter (I would never be so sexist as to say woman... but come on, this is obviously a chick) "came across this site when looking up a different baby site".

Now, I know Teh Interwebs are a strange sea of mess... but how the hell does a blog post titled "
Dead Babies are Funnier Than Sexist Jokes" scream to the surfer 'click me', when they are obviously a fundamentalist puritan? A Google search for the word 'baby' elicits over 500 MILLION hits. "Baby Jokes" comes back with 70,000+, never mention the fact the first three hits are for Dead Baby Jokes. Had this person really never heard one before?

Oh well, at least now I know why I'll be going to hell. For the longest time I thought it was because of that shellfish I ate on Tuesday.

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When I first found your blog, I was commenting on crap that was months old simply because I didn't realize that you weren't sent some sort of message that said, "You've got comments."

That comment is priceless though. And I do hate anonymous people. They suck.

By Blogger Stan, at 3/07/2007 6:40 AM  

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