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Friday, August 20, 2004

Evil Smiles, Hip-Shaking, and Lesbians  

Had a great time last night in the city, which I haven't been to as much as I'd like as of late. Night started out at a friend's pad in the Marina, where tons of people showed up for some good drinks and food, just chillin' and chattin' it up. Great crowd of people, many I didn't know, but still a good time was had. Best of all, I think I'll actually be moving down into the city (for real this time), and move in with a friend of mine from work who's been looking to move out of her parents place for a while now.

The only strange moment of this little get-together was when a hot girl I was chatting up (and shit, was there alot of hot girls there, my friend Captain has some smoking friends) told me I have an evil smile. Now, I didn't know how to react to that. It sure as hell doesn't sound like a compliment. So for the rest of the night, every time I catch myself in the mirror, I smile, trying to see it. I think it's more that I smile too much, and that it looks like I'm trying to hard, but that's not anything I can (or would want to) change. Maybe it's the fact when I smile, my eyes basically disappear. That is a little scary, I suppose. Oh well, it was weird.

Anyway, we were off to a small bar a little bit away, to see one of Captain's favorite band, a salsa group called Grupo Fantasma. Huge band, fairly small stage, but still, they put on an awesome show, one I enjoyed alot more than I thought I would. First of all, it turns out I was the only guy there who had any salsa dancing experience, and with the ratio of the group being predominantly women, I was fucking money. Helped the girls along, showing 'em the steps, and even givin' pointers to the guys, because damn, dancing with three girls at once is tiring. The music was a little loud though, so talking was pretty much non-existant anywhere on the floor.

Speaking of the male-to-female ratio, I also have to point out that lesbians must really like to salsa, because there was a shitload of couples. Which, coming from my point of view, just fucking rocked. Nothing better than to be at a bar and see two hot chicks making out. Yeah, I'm shallow, we've established this, but as Banky Edwards once said, where else are you gonna see that kind of shit without paying.

So, the night overall was a good time, and it totally got me hyped to get back into taking dance classes again. Already got a partner lined up, so just need to take the dive.

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I heart Banky.

By Blogger bmh, at 8/23/2004 3:54 PM  

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