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Sunday, August 15, 2004

And The Little Deaths Keep Coming (Pun Intended)  

Okay, so it's been pointed out to me that I've been MIA as of late (and don't think I don't appreciate the messages, although the cursing was uncalled for). Work has been insane, and my after hours have been just as swamped. Who woulda thought that with no TV shows on during the summer, I'd actually find things to keep me busy. Anyway, highlights from the life that is Holz.

Fallen Padawan Actuary to Catalyst - My employment has been going through some changes of late, but I'm happy to say, I'll be staying in NorCal, and with my company to boot. I was offered a position in the Property department (always good to leave a good impression), and I'll be helping them with lotsa data issues in the catastrophe area. Hence, I like to give myself the title Catalyst (since I don't have a title as of yet). I don't start for another month, but should be damn fun.

The Third Takes Third - So, I entered my first poker tournament this weekend. To say I did better than I expected is an understatement. From a field of 60, I took third place, after playing for over 3 hours. Not ashamed to say I played really well, and I'm finally moving past the "beginner" level. One note though, after I was kicked out, I continued watching. On the final hand between the two, I was pretty sure I caught the winner cheating, getting signals from a friend behind his opponent. I seemed to be the only one though, so I chickened out and didn't speak up. Afterwards, I did say something to the winner's "co-cheater" to never do that again, and he was quiet as I left. Looking back, I shoulda said something... next time.

Holz at The Movies - I've yet to see AVP, but I have caught two flicks lately. First is The Village, M. Night's new conceit. Despite what you may have heard, the flick isn't horrible, but it's not good either. The movie's first half is snail-slow, with overwrought dialogue, and the film is incredibly predictable. That being said, I enjoyed the second half, and the performances from Bryce Dallas Howard and Joaquin Phoenix are engaging. Not a bad movie, but not a recommendation, either. 2 and half out of 5 stars.

Second, I also caught the new documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism. Now, being an unabashed liberal, I loved this movie, but I am depressed because I doubt conservatives will even give this a chance. I have a staunch conservative uncle who believes that the entire media is liberal driven, and only Fox News tells the truth. And this man is probably the smartest guy in my family. I just hope he'll swallow his pride and check this out, because if you don't leave this film angry at being lied to, being manipulated, I would be amazed. If Murdoch and Ailes have their way, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. 3 and half out of 5 stars.

5 Minute Presentations and Other Office Dangers - A good friend of mine had to give a presentation this week to all the actuaries on a project he's been working on for month. The guys a genius, and is a great presenter, but his entire talk was incredibly rushed and surprisingly weak. Then the first question came. He cocked his head, appeared to think about it, slumped a bit, and then passed right out, collapsing to the floor. It was the damnedest thing. His boss (my old boss) had rushed up and caught him somehow before he hit the ground. We thought it was a joke, a sorta funny way to answer the first question. But, nope. Anyway, I went to the hospital with him (my first ambulance ride!) and thankfuly, he's okay now. No idea what happened, aside from exhaustion, but again, it was just crazy.

Turns Out I'm Shallow, Who Knew? - After much prodding from friends, I've decided to enter the fray that is Match.com. Hell, if Lushy and Hudson can meet there, and end up engaged, can't be all bad right? Anyway, I had a fun time getting everything together, my favorite part being the physical attraction survey. After tons of pictures and body-type choices, it turns out I'm most attracted to blonde supermodel types, along with like 60% of other guys. It's the blonde that threw me actually, I always thought I was partial to dark brunettes and redheads.

Don't Call It A Comeback - Finally, just gotta give more props to my softball team, Quick and Dirty. We had one of our hardest games all season this week, and it was against the last place team, who have not won a game in two seasons. We barely fielded a team, and had three of our power hitters gone. To top it off, the opposite team brought in 5 (yes, 5) ringers from other teams. Even with one of my best pitching games of the season, we fell behind quickly, first 8-2, then 11-3. But then, we turned it around, our hitting got consistent, and our fielding was flawless. Game ended with us winning 12-11. We're still in first, with a 10-3 record, and as long as we win 2 of our next three, we should still keep it... here's hoping.

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Let us know how many hot guys you hook up with through match.com. (sorry, I had to say it. I'm going to bed now, curling around that empty space inside me, and crying myself to sleep, like usual)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/16/2004 6:39 PM  

I think that the trick is not to be looking for a relationship, just someone to hang out with. Both Lushy and I had that on our profiles and apparently we were both big fat liars...

By Blogger Melissa, at 8/17/2004 4:09 PM  

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