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Friday, February 28, 2003


The Joys and Pains of Strip Clubs and Cages

Last night, me and some of the guys went into the city to celebrate (?) our friend's last day of work. Early in the night we headed to a sports bar called The Condor to watch the Arizona/California basketball game... as you can imagine, I was pretty bored. Thankfully, the one sure case of boredom, beer, was flowing pretty well (even if our waitress sucked) and the food was decent. Good jalapeno poppers as well.

Anyway, after the game is over, we all decided we'd hit a strip club, seeing as we were already in the red light district of San Fran (which strangely is also Chinatown, go figure). Free cover, and all you have to do is pay 5 bucks for a cup to enter. It was pretty small, and I discovered they didn't serve alchohol at all-nude shows, so that was a little disappointing. However, the chicks were pretty hot (obviously) and I can now say that I've had my first, and hopefully last, private room lapdance. I so hopefully last because the entire thing was about 4, 5 minutes long, and it cost me 80 bucks. My friends won't let me live that one down - that the chick was able to basically apply a vaccuum to my wallet. Eh, I may complain now, but it was a cool experience, and I can say I've had a naked Asian chick grinding me.

So, we got out of the club a little before 11, said our goodbyes to our bud, and headed to the garage to pick up the car. Wehn we got there, we were greeted by a metal drop down fence, with all the lights off. None of us had seen that the place closed down at 10, and it looked like we were screwed. Thankfully we called our friend who had also driven, and he was able to pick us up. But not before one of us tried to lift the cage up. It did go up a bit... then this loud ass alarm went off, and we all inched away with guilt. By the time Steve came around to pick us up 3 minutes later, it was still going off.

So the ride back up north was pretty cramped, 5 of us in a little sporty Acura... and lucky me got thr bitch-seat in the middle, sitting onthe hard plastic cup holders, and slamming my head against the roof every 45 seconds... fun fun fun...

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