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Monday, February 05, 2007

It's A DVR World, I'm Just Livin' In It  

Yes, it's true. The man who prided himself on a blank tape for every day of the week, and at one point had to utilize two VCRs and a third TV just to watch my shows some nights, has finally caved and gotten a DVR through my cable. Well, to be more precise, after hearing me going on and on about how I was gonna get one "eventually", Night Nurse went to Comcast and picked it up herself. She's too sweet.

Anyway, as expected, within the first week I got the hardrive filled to over 50% capacity.

To be fair though, we had some pay channels for free for the first two days, so we recorded a bunch of movies in HD, and since a 60 hour DVR can only handle 15 hours of HD, it filled up quick.

Since then though, we've gotten a handle on it, and I am loving it! I've literally told Kris "I love our DVR" at least 20 times since getting it. And it's not the recording aspect (although I'm loving that, too), it's the pausing of live TV and rewinding to catch dialogue we didn't understand. For someone who's known as having to run to the bathroom on occasion (but less now that I'm on Imodium AD, woo-hoo!), this has become a godsend.

Especially yesterday, as literally 8 minutes before the Superbowl, Kris's dad ran into a a serious problem with a TV/satellite dish that I had to run over and help with. So it turned out I missed the first 3 minutes of the game, and for everyone who caught it, the first three minutes were really the only time someone rooting for the Bears - like me - had something to cheer for. Thankfully though, my friends had paused the game for me, and we were able to watch it all, playing catchup to the live broadcast all the way up to halftime.

Speaking of, my thoughts on the game... pretty weak. It looked like a high school game, on both sides. I know it sucks playing in the rain, but you guys are professional football players, it's not like you've never done it before. So many turnovers in the first half, I thought it was the advertising done by Enteman's for the day...

...wow... that joke sucked... I am so so sorry...

Anyway, I had some money on the Bears winning, because I really thought Rex was gonna break outta his shell, but man did he have a horrible game. Hester has to be feeling pretty good though, scaring the bejesus outta the Colts that they'd squib every single kick. Oh well, congrats to Peyton on finally getting a ring, maybe now he'll get some advertising endorsements.

Commercials wise, I thought the day sucked even more. Nothing really break-out. Goulet for Emerald Nuts was the weirdest one that I enjoyed; the GM machine committing suicide was the weirdest one that mad me cringe; really liked the Coke GTA-spoof, but I liked it the other 15 times I've seen it in the theaters over the last 3 months; and the biggest fuck up by an advertising company I thought was Prudential, who continuously mentioned "a rock", but what I thought subconsciously translated to "Iraq".

The best of the day though was for Jack in the Box, their new "Vegetarian" spot, which I was surprised to find out was a regional thing, and not everyone got it. That's too bad, 'cause it was hilarious. Can't even find it on YouTube yet.

Finally, we also caught Puppy Bowl III throughout the day, and it was probably the best coutner programming I'd seen during the Superbowl in years. Just three hours of puppies playing together on a mini-football field. So f'n cute.


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