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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Holz Trek: My Life In 7 and Half Car Loads  

Aside from moving to college, and the requisite trek home, I can never remember moving in one fell swoop. I always like to give myself a weeks layover between places, just so I never feel rushed. Sure, this is a little expensive, having to dish out another hundred bucks in rent, but it's worth it.

This move I'm going through is no exception, as I have six days to move. And seeing as my bookshelves are still stocked, all my electronics are tangled, and I have to do two loads of laundry today, this is a good thing. So, the plan is to get everything over to my new place in four days, with a day of cushioning, as well as a day of cleaning. Keep in mind that in my last place, when Anton and I moved out, we were there until 2:30 in the morning on our final day just vacuuming and wiping counters down.

Anyway, today is day one, in which I plan to put everything I need to in boxes, and hopefully make 2 (or fingers crossed even three) car trips of stuff. The big things, bureaus, desk, beds, TVs will have to wait until Mark's back with his Blazer, but my baby black Saturn, Azlea (yep, that's her name) should be up to the challenge.

Day One - Trip One:

Was there any doubt that the first thing I would take over would be all of my comics? Surprisingly, I was able to get my 7 long boxes of comics into my car, as well as all my TPBs and Prestige comics which were on my bookshelves. Along with that, I have room to put a suitcase of clothes I was planning on giving to Goodwill two moves ago, as well all my winter clothes which for some reason I still keep (probably smart for my trip back east for Thanksgiving!)

Day One - Trip Two:

First trip went well, and I found out that I'll have another roommate immediately, and will have to share my bathroom with him. Little annoyed about that, but oh well, still happy. Second trip consists of three boxes full of my DVDs, the rest of my bookshelf including magazines and books, plus some more clothes on hangers I won't be needing anytime soon.

Day Two - Trip One:

I like to think I'm a smart guy, but only an idiot would choose to start packing one's car in summertime, in the late afternoon. It is so f'n hot today, I feel like I'm gonna pass out just sitting in front of the fan. Oh well, today is what I like to call the "knick-knack" move. It's the move where all your oddly shaped boxes are moved, filled with things you have lying around the house, as well as those appliances that somehow still have their original boxes. So that means all my dishes and pans, along with a bunch of crap that I found on my desks. My guitar and amp are in the front seat, and my rack of tapes are in the trunk. And the ever-so-popular Sarah Michelle Gellar cut-out lays on top of them all. This is probably my favorite part of a move, because my Tetris skills are put to the test on how to best pack the car.

Day Three - Trip One:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, only one load yesterday. What can I say, I was busy watching my Eagles completely destroy the Lions yesterday. My prediction of an undefeated season is still in play. Anyway, today was the first truck move, with some help from my current roomie and his Blazer. My huge Staples computer desk fit easily in the back, and one of my TVs slid easily into his front seat. A few other things, like dresser drawers and my footstool easily fit into any holes, and the move was smooth, without having to worry about the dogs at all. I've got a second load set up in the living room, but I doubt it'll get out tonight, Mark's busy with his mom and grandmom...

Day Four - Trip One

Today is the part of the move I like to call Thank God For Blazers. While yesterday the truck was helpful in moving my TV desk, today we were able to move everything else big in one fell swoop. Bureau? Check. Bookcase? Check. TV Stand for living room? Check. DVD shelf? Check. Even more little boxes I thought wouldn't be too much of a bother? Check. Bed and Frame? Both tied to the roof, check!

Now, aside from Mark's full truck, I was able to throw in my oddly shaped Ikea chair into my car over lunch with an additional half car load of stuff. My room in the new place is certainly filling up. Now, even though I moved my bed out, I couldn't leave the apartment just yet... my computer and TV were still there, and I couldn't abandon my babies, so I slept very uncomfortably on my blowup mattress for my final night at The Hill.

Day Five - Trip One:

Yeah, I was supposed to be finished yesterday... that didn't happen. But, after work, and a quick jaunt with my computer desk in Mark's truck for one final helpful hand, I've got two loads left... and this one's a doozy. See, Mark and I sorta forgot about the kitchen until the final day, thinking it'd be easy. Little tip for the future, always empty out the kitchen first. You need that bitch cleared early so you can start scrubbing like mad to clean for a few days.

But before then... I spent the next two hours packing like made every other loose box, hung clothes, fans, paintings, and miscellaneous crap into my car... it was quite possibly the worst packing job ever. I knew I was gonna need two trips that night, and the second one was gonna be mighty tight just with my TV and computer. I knew it was gonna be a long night.

And then Mark informs me that our puppy, Charlie Murphy, is driving back to live with his family in Illinois. She was supposed to stay here with Mark, but apparently it wasn't gonna work at his new place. And no, I didn't cry saying bye... the room was just incredibly dusty and I some got in my eye.

Yeah, that sucked.

Day Five - Trip Two:

And it comes to this... it's a little before 8:00 when all of my shows are set to start, and I've gotta get everything else in my car... in the next three hours. So slowly but surely, in between commercials, I'm Tetrising all the rest of my stuff into my two final boxes, I'm rushing boxes and trashcans full of loose crap down to Azlea, I'm scrubbing the bathroom clean, I'm updating my computer one last time with all the correct patches, I'm separating all of my kitchen stuff from Mark's, and making one last ditch effort to play a game on Party Poker before unplugging.

Around midnight, I have everything in my car (TV included), except for a single triangle Ikea desk, a lamp, and my vaccuum. Good job unpacking half of the car at night, and I didn't even wake up my new roommate moving it all in in the dead of night.

Day Six - The Cleaning:

So it's the final day we have the place, and sadly we need to get this bitch cleaned by 5:00, so I'll be leaving work a little early today to do some sweeping and some scrubbing. Always a fun part of a move, but thankfully Mark's mother was incredibly helpful last night in cleaning, so not as hard as it could've been.

And hopefully, on the Seventh day... I can rest.

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I almost said you're full of crap with this hot summer thing. It's friggin September 30th. But then I remembered that your a California dude now. I friggin HATE winter. You're not missing anything over there.

By Blogger k Man, at 9/30/2004 2:50 PM  

Dude, you need to drop by and play some poker when you come home. We can make an evening of it like last time. And yes, moving sucks. I still have stuff I haven't unpacked, and that was almost a year ago.

By Blogger Stan, at 10/05/2004 4:15 AM  

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