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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VBV Pt 2: Excuse Me Sir, Is This A God Dam?  

Previously on John's Stomach Pains, we had gotten to Vegas, caught a show, ate well, and I was down to my final $120 of allowable gambling losses, and it was only the first day.

Friday morning, we woke up a bit early (like around 9:30), so we could meet up with Hawk downstairs for breakfast at what was billed as the best buffet in Vegas for 2007. I will give it this: it had a huuuge selection. I can see why it got voted the best (I still prefer the buffet in Paris), as there were at least 7 separate stations, ranging from stuff from the ocean, to Middle Eastern.

After saying goodbye to Hawk (he had some studying to do), we met up with Lushy and drove out to see the Hoover Dam. I had driven over it once before years ago, but I had never taken the tour. This time, the three of headed up with the top down, which didn't go over very well with Kris in the back seat. Convertibles are usually pretty bad anyway, but in the backseat, the wind and sun are increased by a factor of ten. Much apologies there, baby.

Still, the Hoover Dam is just as impressive as one would assume... the architecture, and work that went into building that thing, in such a short amount of time, coming of The Great Depression, is just awe-inspiring. Plus, Tom and I got to make all the Beavis and Butthead inspired "dam" jokes we could think of. Most amazing fact we learned on the trip? Of all the power that the dam provides, the amount Las Vegas receives? Zero percent. Just wow. Anyway, after about two hours, we headed out, this time giving Lushy a chance to drive convertible for the first time. He took us on a nice scenic route along Lake Meade, which while I enjoyed, Kris found a bit... windy. Again, sorry babe, I appreciated the opportunity, but won't be getting a drop-top in the future.

Later that night, Night Nurse and I met up with Lushy and Meli for one of my first real dining experiences that I can remember. Lushy was able to get us reservations into a swanky place in Caesar's, called Rao's. It's a family-style restaurant based out of NYC, that apparently is really difficult to get into on short notice. We got there a bit before 5:30, and by the time we left it was approaching 8pm. Our waiter Howie was helpful in how best to enjoy the experience, as we started with 3 appetizers, moved onto two pasta dishes (my recommendation, get the Penneta ala Vodka, it's phenomenal), then finalized dinner with one of the best Veal Parm's I'd ever had, and Rao's famous Lemon Chicken, which while tasty wasn't as great as we were thinking. Then, to finish up the evening, we all got a different dessert, plus an extra one Lushy's "in" recommended to us. My tuxedo strawberries were my personal favorite, but their cheesecake with ricotta and a hint of lemon bar was a close second. Overall, the meal was one of the best I've had in a while... not to mention one of the most expensive. Not something I can do often... or even during every Vegas trip, but it was enjoyable.

We decided to walk back to the hotel, and were able to get some window shopping in, as well as catching two different water shows in front of The Bellagio. The first one made me laugh because it was to Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA, which David Cross just eviscerates on his comedy album, It's Not Funny. Can't do it justice, but his line is something like, “It’s got that great line, ‘And I’d surely stand up next to you, and defend her still today.’ Really? Well, here’s your second chance, asshole, pick up a gun and hop to it.” Anyway, the show was cool, even if the song is cheesy.

We ended the night not with any gambling, but just heading back to Lushy and Meli's place to hang out. Sadly, after such a long day of being in the sun, walking around, and eating like there was no tomorrow, we couldn't last that long. Meli had already crashed (I'm guessing that pregnancy makes one tired... who knew?), and the three of us played a little Scategories, which I seem to've lost all ability to play, then the beginning of an old horror movie Susperia, which lasted about 25 minutes before we called it a night.

With only a few hours between waking up on Saturday and catching our flight, it looked like this Vegas trip was gonna be a bust gambling wise... but none of us knew that Red 7 was calling.

To Be Concluded...

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posted by Holz | 12:43 PM | Rant & Rave, Bitches! (3)


Okay, I just want to say one little thing. You kinda make it sound like I complained about having the convertible the whole time. Just to set the record straight, I sat in the back almost the entire time which gets 100 times more wind and was very very hot. Plus, I can't hear any of the conversation up front and had to keep my eyes shut the whole time becuase I didn't have sunglasses to block the raging wind. I only complained the first time I was not prepared with a hair clip because when I got out, my hair was just one GIANT knot. After that I kept my mouth shut. I only told you that if you plan on having me in your life, you can also plan on NEVER owning a convertible. Beside 95% of the convertibles out there are ugly. The few that are good looking are way beyond any price I'd ever be willing to pay for a convertible.

By Blogger Kristine, at 5/01/2007 2:47 PM  

You have to appreciate a woman who will sit in the back to allow best friends to catch up - convertible or not.

Just saw a show on Rao's opening in Vegas - Tom must be THE man getting reservations.

Sorry I missed the dam jokes, dam it!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/01/2007 4:23 PM  

"Tell 'em, Kris"

"Yeah, convertibles suck, yeah."

I think Jeep Wranglers are the onyl convertibles I can stand and that's because they are just cool like that. Of course, they're made like crap so they fall apart after a year or two.

By Blogger Stan, at 5/02/2007 12:19 PM  

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