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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Scott Baio Gave Me Pink-Eye  

So this is new... I woke up this morning after a day of drinking and partying with friends, to find that I could barely open my eyes. Now, this is a little more shocking than I would ever have thought of. At first, I thought my contacts had perhaps slipped... that always sucks, but something I can deal with.

Anyway, I go to the bathroom and see my eyelashes nearly glued together with gross eye gunk. Truly disgusting. So I spend the next few minutes washing and wiping it away, but damn if the corners of my eyes don't continue to produce the crap. I jump on WebMD (frickin' genius idea) and find out I most likely have pink-eye... damn you, Scott Baio! Now, thankfully, after using some warm compresses for a few minutes, it starts to lessen, but my eyes are increasingly gettin' redder and starting to burn, so I do what any other self-respecting 25-year-old man would do.

I call my mommy.

After the blubbering and crying is over with (not really... honest), she gives me the advice to try and schedule an appointment with my doctor. After further crying and a tear-filled goodbye (again, not really... stop looking at me swan!), I make the call, and thankfully, I get a prescription filled right then and there... I love Kaiser. Any chance to medicate the patient without actual human, they'll take.

So now I wait... hopefully it'll get better. And hey, if it's bad enough that I can't go into work tomorrow (as mommy prescribed, not the operator), that just means I'll get to play more GTA: San Andreas... and man does this game kick ass.

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That sucks dude. I hate pink eye. Not that anyone likes it, but I particularly dislike it. Oh and HALO 2 TOMORROW!!!!!!!

By Blogger Stan, at 11/08/2004 4:17 AM  

I dunno man. If you've got a great game to play... a free day off of work might not be so bad! So, San Andreas is good? I was thinking about getting it. Is it enough different from regular GTA 3 that makes it worth it???

Stan -- you should get pinkeye tomorrow so you can play Halo all day!

By Blogger k Man, at 11/08/2004 5:31 AM  

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