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Friday, October 01, 2004

There's On Tilt, Then There's Holz On Tilt  

So the rule I gave myself was that I wasn't going to go to Sonoma Joe's til' October, because the last time I had gone, I got creamed, and I really couldn't afford it. But, a combination of no cable, no internet, and some gift money burning a hole in my pocket last night convinced me that, hey, it's midnight on the east coast, so it's October.

I went out with Spencer for some eats at Black Bear (the most awesomest bestest restaurant ever), then we hit Joe's for a little 3/6. I told Spence that I was planning on being there a while, seeing as going home held no appeal, and I was going to play much tighter than I have in the past, so chances of me even seeing a flop were gonna be rare.

'Bout 5 hands in, I catch Big Slick in early position. I open the bet, am called, raised, re-raised by the big blind, and I cap it, and the guy who called my initial bet calls, as do everyone else who started. We've got five players in, and the flop comes 9-2-2. The BB checks, I bet out 3, and the guy behind me raises. Everyone else calls 6, including me, and the turn comes, a King. If the guy behind me was raising with a pair of nines, which I put him on, that cowboy probably looked scary. The BB bets, I raise, and the guy behind me re-raises! Players drop out, and it gets to the BB, who caps it, and I consider myself pot committed with top pair with an ace kicker, so I call, but now I'm worried that the guy behind had pocket nines, and he flopped a boat.

River comes, and it's a blank. The BB checks, and I can tell he's worried the guy's got a boat as well, so I check. Final guy bets 6, BB calls, and after trying to calculate pot odds, I can't say I'm beat with over 90% certainty, so I gotta call. BB flips first, and he's got Big Slick, too! There's a chance we may split this monster!

Final guy says, "I got a set of ducks." before flipping his cards. BB and I's jaws drop, as the guy flips over 2-6o. Two-Six Off. Two-Mother-Fucking-Six-Off. This guy called a CAPPED FLOP with 2-6o. Who The Hell Does That?!?

So, the rest of the night went downhill from there. After sitting for half an hour, I was out a hundred, and had bought in another hundred because shit, I wanted to play. For the next 3 hours, my plan to play tight quickly dissolves into playing every hand I'm the big blind, as well as nearly any Ace flush draw and zero gappers. At one point in the night, five - yes five - hands in a row were won by a straight. When you see that, it's hard not to call a 9-10o. I start getting up after a nice A-10s flush hit on the river, but quickly fall after flopping two pair only to lose when the turn and river produce matching paint killing my pairs.

In the span of 3 hours, I got ONE pocket pair, and that was deuces! Not a hand I would usually chase after the flop, but when the flop comes 4-5-x, and the turn puts up an Ace, it's hard not to see the river just in case that 3 comes up.

I didn't hit a straight all night. Not once.

I can't remember a worst night at the poker tables... I got on tilt early, and really never left. I couldn't catch any cards, and I started getting desperate, going in with hands I wouldn't even go in with in a play money game.

So does this mean I won't be going back anytime soon? I don't know... may wait two weeks, try and play some home games to better improve my position play, but if the games continue in the fashion they were last night, I'm gonna seriously be pissed. I don't think I'll be able to stand sitting through two orbits of continuous K-5's and 8-2's. That's just not fun, and I'm playing to have fun.

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/02/2004 8:46 AM  

Yeah I'm with Chris on this one. "Yer tying 2 granny knots with a loop and it ain't happenin."

By Blogger Stan, at 10/05/2004 4:06 AM  

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