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Tuesday, November 12, 2002


Krissy (aka my partner in Buffy comic book crime) went and did something pretty ambitious recently, by listing 100 things about herself. I'm gonna try and do the same... although I doubt I'll get to a hundred... we'll see:

1) I am an actuary
2) I also have yet to find the proper way of explaining to friends, family, and strangers just what an actuary is.
3) I am addicted to television.
4) I know I said I watch 24 hours of TV a week, but truthfully it's more than that.
5) I am a master when it comes to eating sunflower seeds
6) My favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride
7) My biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to watching movies is Tromeo and Juliet
8) My favorite song of all time Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal
9) I love role playing games, but I have a habit of playing right til' the end and not beat them.
10) I'm afraid of horses. Clowns also freak me out... but my horse fear is pretty genuine.
11) I own nearly 3,000 comic books worth over $10,000
12) I am a geek... I am not a nerd.
13) I own William Shatner's album The Transformed Man, and I'm not ashamed of that.
14) I eat Twizzlers constantly. The cherry ones in particular.
15) I've loved two women in my life. I did not lose the first one to cancer, and I did not lose the other because I was too busy keeping my job to do my job.
16) In case you couldn't tell, I've seen The American President at least 20 times
17) I used to be a pyromaniac.
18) I'm sad right now because one of my favorite characters on Buffy just died.
19) I cried at the ending of Armageddon
20) I've jumped out of a plane twice and lived to tell about it.
21) I once played the solitaire game Tri-Peaks for 8 hours straight.
22) I have the entire Rent soundtrack memorized and sing to it in the car frequently.
23) I like Hanson.
24) I also like Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Eminem, so shut your fucking mouth.
25) I can turn my tongue upside-down
26) My three favorite series finales are Quantum Leap, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The Wonder Years
27) I've lived in Northern California for a year and a half, and have yet to visit Alcatrez.
28) I'm a moderator on the BuffyBB, under the pseudonym Darth Angelus
29) I miss Manchild (but purely in a manly way)
30) I've read Stephen King's Dark Tower series three times, and will most likely read it again before the final books are released
31) I eat way too much pasta
32) I have a cold right now
33) I have a blank tape for every day of the week.
34) I own a Tony Little Gazzelle...
35) ...I also have not used it in over a month.
36) My favorite color is blue. It used to be turquoise, simply because it was first love Kerri Eberts' favorite color.
37) Every time I see/hear/say the number 37, I always say "In a row?"
38) The news Sears photo commercial with the smiling family freaks me out
39) I've never missed an episode of Dawson's Creek. And that's not sad at all.
40) As much as I hate to admit it, Tom's nickname for me, Johnny 2 Flush always cracks me up.
41) As a kid, I used to shoplift constantly. The Bear changed that.
42) I know what the secret of the universe is
43) I realize I just finished a sentance with a preposition. And people say I'm a math whiz.
44) Oh, I'm a math whiz. Sorta.
45) I take me coffee with sugar, and two shots of espresso. I am a caffeine junkie.
46) I miss my beautiful singing voice... stupid puberty put a damn frog in my throat.
47) I live in a studio apartment, that while small, is easily my favorite place I lived
48) I used to go fishing with my dad in Canada, and one time it was windy and I got blown off the dock into the lake.
49) I've broken my wrists three times. First in softball, second during sideline football, and third playing basketball.
50) I broke my hand playing NFL Blitz on the N64. It's complicated.
51) My Clapper is one of the best gifts I ever received.
52) I taught myself how to juggle
53) I love playing the craps table and roulette in Vegas.
54) I enjoy writing short stories that are pretty piss poor
55) My mother wants me to quit my job, become a bartender down in Key West, and write novels for a living.
56) My mother lives in Fantasyland (love ya' ma'!)
57) I have three stuffed things next to my bed. A tiny teddy bear (thanks Amber!), a large Incredible Hulk (thanks Tom!), and a banana (thanks Linds!)
58) My favorite alchoholic drink at a dance club is Red Bull and Jagermeister
59) I think The Daily Show is possibly the best thing on television right now
60) I'm currently single, and despite what you think, I like that.
61) I keep alot of rage bottled up inside
62) I really hate how my stomach reacts poorly to everything I like to eat.
63) I enjoy walking outisde in the rain.
64) I own a black Saturn 3-door Coupe. As much as I love it, every now and then I miss my baby Shadow... she had some serious power
65) I am a professional wrestling fan, however I haven't watched too much lately
66) I like to pretend my new Motorola cell phone is a Star Trek communicator
67) I am allergic to cashews
68) If I could wear hawaiian shirts for the rest of my life, I would be happy
69) Yes, I just chuckled to myself
70) I enjoy playing softball, even though I suck.
71) I really want to start a kickball league during the winter at my office... I think that would be so cool.
72) Bruce Campbell is my god
73) The best meal I ever had was alligator filled with lobster
74) I am not a fan of Pulp Fiction
75) I really like to dance, or more appropriately I like to act like a spaz on a dance floor
76) I used to be a camp counselor at Hopwood Day Camp, and I loved it
77) I used to work for Green Mountain Energy, and I loathed it
78) I've been in two car accidents where I was driving. First time, I ran over a parking cement block, and the second time I hit a stop sign. Inanimate objects suck.
79) My first concert was Soul Asylum and Matthew Sweet.
80) I'm really tired... so, sadly, I can't finish the list... oh well.

There's a little about me...

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