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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Gettin' To Old For This Shit  

At lunch yesterday, my bud Old School gave me a heads up that he was going to a concert that night nearby. Who, I asked? Co-headliners Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. Well, after I cursed him out for not giving me a heads up earlier, I spent the rest of the day trying to track down tickets with no luck. Thankfully, right before I left, I called the box office and found out there wasn't going to be a problem just going to the door. Plus, I had a date setup for that night, so I had to make sure she would be up for it, because I woulda felt like such an ass canceling... thankfully, she was game, so we were able to get in with ease.

Anyway, the concert was fucking awesome. The venue, The Phoenix Theater, is an old converted movie theater that is angled perfectly for viewing experience. We got there just as Goldfinger took the stage at 8:30, and the guys played for over an hour. Great energy, great tunes, and with no barricade up front, concert goers constantly jumped on stage, sang with the band, and stage-dived (stage-dove?) throughout the night. At one point, the band brought up like 50 people on stage, and just rocked with their cocks out. There was much monkey-circles going on (the "nice" name for moshing), and I got the bruises to show for, including a nice kick to the face in the first 30 seconds from a body-surfer.

Anyway, after a half hour break, Reel Big Fish came on, and I just went buckwild. Absolutely love the energy RBF brings to a show, and the mix of old songs and stuff from the new album was balanced really well. The guys were having alot of fun on stage with the witty banter ("More schtick than you can Shake Schtick at"), and while there wasn't the onstage audience presence of Goldfinger, there was plenty of dancing (as much as you can call ska-jigs dancing) going on. It was a quite a workout. Anyway, for the energy of the show, they also went on alot longer than I expected playing til' nearly quarter of twelve, ending a powerful encore with Sell-Out, which looking around, it was possible alot of the kids in the audience weren't even alive when that song was a hit. Hilarious.

So, it's the next day, and I am dead tired, as well as sore, especially in my Achilles heel from jumping up and down so much. I really need to just go home and crash for a good 12 hours. But no, I have to be at work. Ugh.

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You are well on your way to "that creepy old guy" at concerts. Congratulations


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/17/2006 7:22 PM  

only if he was rubbing up against the young ladies!

btw jay and i were playing heroclix at stan's last night! beat that hot shot!

By Blogger daveT, at 1/18/2006 4:17 AM  

And I kicked the crap out of Wolverine AND Nick Fury! Ha ha!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/18/2006 4:29 AM  

and a sentinel destroyed my team. :-(

By Blogger daveT, at 1/18/2006 7:52 AM  

And I won hands down.

By Blogger Stan, at 1/18/2006 9:42 AM  

cocks out?

For real? Is that gay?!?

By Blogger k Man, at 1/20/2006 3:29 PM  

tee hee hee

By Blogger k Man, at 1/20/2006 3:30 PM  

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