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Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Zero Hour (Where's Hal Jordan When You Need Him?)

I'm trying to wrap my mind around this woman on the corner of my street. Driving home, I saw this thin blond woman, with short hair... by judging a book by its cover, as I do constantly, I'd guess she had a pretty liberal state of mind. She's on the corner, in the light rain, holding up a sign in one hand, and a peace sign in the other. So hey, I think, the sign'll probably be condemning the attacks that will most likely begin any minute (if they haven't already by the time I hit Post/Publish). But as I get close, the sign says: "Support Our Troops".

Okay, not what I was expecting. It's not about supporting Bush, it's about supporting our men, I suppose I could back that a bit. Then she flips the sign, and the other side says: "Pro-War. Save Iraq."

In the immortal words of Jon Stewart... Whaaaa?

How is this war going to 'save Iraq'? When we bomb the thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Iraqi civilians, does that mean we'll be saving them by putting them out of their misery. Basically, it's the idea of burning the town to save it... and unless there's a plague running rampant in the strreets, I can't think of any people that can support that.

And I have a problem with the idea of 'Pro-War'. It's almost like calling pro-choice people Pro-Abortion (and yes, I realize the same people who are gung-ho about this war are the same people who scream Pro-Abortion from the rooftops... the irony is not lost, and I will avoid it). I know that there are people who put on a 'Pro-War' mentality, but IMHO, that is completelu unhealthy... I mean, come on think about it, when you say you are Pro-War, that means you have done absolutely no research on this invasion (and don't mistake me, this is an invasion, soon to be an occupation). You don't care about the lives of innocent civilians. You don't care about the reasons why His Excellency Global Potentate GW is doing this (but honestly, who does?). You are running on pure hate, revenge, and ignorance. You do not have my respect.

And finally, is being 'Pro-War' and 'Supportive of Your Troops' the same thing? I've chatted with a few people who are going over there, or are already over there. Many of them don't want to be there. They'll have to kill a human being. They will physically have someone in their sights and have to terminate their life, and why? Because it's there job... I can respect that... but when put in a position like this, I think it is their duty to quesiton the reasons. If not, well then we are no better than... well, I don't need to finish that sentence

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