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Friday, August 01, 2003


Woo-Hoo! Trivia Night Ends In The Money!

So for the past few weeks... more like past few months... myself and a number of friends from work would go to the Mayflower Inn every Thursday night to partake in Trivia Night. Basically it entails a bunch of teams given a sheet of paper, and an emcee asking 20 medium to impossibly-hard questions, a visual question, four music questions, and a final bonus one. After it's all over, the sheets are graded, and the top 7 or 8 teams get some money back. Since our first foray, we have yet to place. Not once. But tonight, for the first time, we inched in and just scored In The Money!

Since our start, we've had a new name every week, using the superstition that it's the name that will decide our score. Whenever we won, the name we used that night would be our permanent name. Tonight I chose our name, and Abandon All Bob Hope was born (I wanted to add Ye Who Enter Here, but the others thought that was too stupid). Sadly, after our win, my team almost unanimously agreed we wouldn't be using the name again... I can understand, it's only topical this week, but still I thought it was cute. Oh well, maybe we'll come up with a topical thing every week. BTW, congrats to Team Gonzo for gettin' In The Money as well... and thanks for the math problem explanation... do you realize how said it is when a table full of actuaries misses the math question?

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