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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Pat Robertson is a Schmuck  

Pat Robertson Is A Schmuck

Still have yet to make time to discuss my vacation, too busy with second quarter results, but I just had to comment on this whole deal with Pat Robertson praying to God to kill three liberal judges. Make no mistake about it, despite the headline of the CNN article (which says he calls for their retirement), he is literally praying for the deaths of three people because he disagrees with their lawful decisions. What the hell is wrong with Christians if they prop this son-of-a-bitch up as one of your spiritual leaders?

I know that there's some debate with theologists over whether Jesus' message to his followers was "love thy neighbor/judge not lest ye' be judged" or "kill all the faggots", but for anyone who can't see a problem with a religious leader telling his followers to pray for the deaths of three people who are only doing their jobs, I urge you go outside, find a rock (it doesn't have to be big), and smash every single one of your fingers to a bloody pulp, so I never have to read anything you would choose to type in support of this fuckwad.

Oh, BTW, as if this guy isn't enough of a goddamned asshole (and trust me, if there is any final justice, he's going to Hell), at the same time he's praying for his opponent's deaths, he's supporting Liberia's president, who has been indicted by an international court for crimes against humanity (for you layman, that means he's been instrumental in the deaths of a shitload of people).

Here's hoping The 700 Club represents the number that will be shoved up his ass daily in Hell... after he dies of natural causes, of course, in the far future... I'm not one wish for the death of people I don't like, you know. If this picture is any clue, he already has 4 or 5 already up there.

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