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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scrabble Tiles  


There's an article today in the paper about SAD, seasonal affective disorder, and while I don't think I have it, I'll blame my non-blogging on that. Historically, the end of the year is my worst time for blogging... not sure why, could be the fact it's around the time I take vacations, and I never get around to a computer while on vacation. Could be because all my shows are ending there new episodes so I'm watching with bated breath. Could be I'm just outright lazy. Oh well. Plenty to talk about, I'm sure to miss things I want mention, but here goes.


Previously on Stomach Pains, I had moved in with my girl, and then took a week's vacation to play video games. Both were resounding successes! It's been a little over a month since the big move in, and it's been going great. We got the bedroom looking great... we spent some time painting the walls, and Night Nurse* and her dad finished up by painting the main wall purple in a beautiful sponged pattern... I was wary of the purple, but it really makes the room look nice.

*Quick aside, but I just want to congratulate Kris on getting accepted into nursing school over my hiatus! I am so proud of my girl, words cannot begin to express it. The day she found out was a roller coaster of nerves because we found out the letters went out, and literally hours later she got her acceptance in the mail. It was a great day.


My vacation was much needed, and obviously went by way too fast. I didn't get as much video game playing in as I would've like, but I did get over 24 hours in, so that's cool! I beat Kingdom Hearts, and just need to go back and beat the three big extra bosses. I think I can get Keith Zursa and The Phantom, but holy hell is Sephiroth hard. Gonna be next to impossible. I have moved on to Ultimate Spider-Man now, though. Seeing as I got it for X-Mas last year, I thought it good to finally get around to playing it before this X-Mas rolls around.


Didn't get to see Borat, and it looks like it's out of theaters already... damnit. I did get to see The Holiday on a date night, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best chick flick I've ever seen (not even the best this year... The Devil Wears Prada was much better), but it is cute. Kate Winslet is a stunning as ever, and while Jack Black's role is smaller than I would've liked, he did a good job. Only thing I didn't understand was that it appeared Jude Law appeared in a movie JB was scoring early on, and it never panned out into anything. Oh well, maybe I'm wrong.


Speaking of Jack Black, I also caught The Mother-Fucking D in concert last month. Sadly, I must admit I was less than thrilled. It was cool to see Tenacious D perform live, but sadly there were some serious technical difficulties and the guitar rifts just weren't happening. Plus, the second half of the show was *actual* hard rock, with a full band backing the duo up (in hell), and it kinda didn't work with the act of Tenacious D. The joke is that they're hard rockers on acoustic guitars... not actual hard rockers. Still, it was fun, and amazingly *packed* to capacity.


The second concert I went to was Barenaked Ladies, which just knocked my fucking sucks off. It's no secret they are my favorite band... and it's also no secret I was disappointed in their last tour, as well as their latest album. So I was going into it a little worried. Thankfully, it was all for naught as the Ladies put on possibly my favorite concert since I saw them New Year's Eve in '99. I absolutely loved every single second of it, and it was a joy to break Night Nurse in a BNL concert virgin. The concert started on Wind It Up from the new album, which cemented my thought that it deserved to be at the beginning of the album, not stuck on the end. Great starter. The band then went on to perform a song from every album. The King of Bedside Manor is always fun, and I love Sound of Your Voice so much. Stomach vs. Heart & Some Fantastic aren't exactly my favorites, but I got into them. Two new songs were performed, Serendipity and Angry People, and both are awesome, can't wait til' the new "new" album comes out. Maybe You're Right was one of my favorite performances of the night, and on a whole, the concert made me appreciate the new album that much more. But, the highlight of the show for me was that I finally, finally, finally got to hear my all-time favorite BNL song, What A Good Boy, and to top it all off, it was done as the encore. No joke, and no shame, I was nearly brought to tears. This was my 9th show seeing the Ladies', and the closest I've ever gotten to hearing it was a 10 second blurb at Penn State when they were doing a skit running down all there songs in a medley. Like I said, one of my favorite concerts ever, great songs, hilarity throughout the night, and pretty good seats for getting my tickets so late.


Went on a week-long business trip into the heart of Chi-Town. Damn is that place cold in December... thankfully I got out of a January visit when it'll be even colder, since I'll be down in sunny Florida. The city isn't anything like I pictured. For one, not much traffic aside from on Friday. The homeless problem wasn't nearly as bad as some cities (of course this is probably b/c of the cold). I got to stay in a great hotel called The Palmer House, and ate like a king all week on a business expense budget. My favorite meal was at Harry Caray's, where I got the Surf-N-Turf. Had an amazing steak and lobster that sat with me all week. The other thing that sat with me all week? The nickname Surf-N-Turf. Yeah, one of the problems with ordering the most expensive item on the menu (hey, how did I know, they didn't even list a price!) is that the head business guy who treated you won't let you forget it. Still, it was totally worth it. Sadly, I got sick about halfway through the week so I couldn't take in any of the sites... that sucked. Oh well, next time, I can definitely see myself heading back again.

**Yes, I know Scrabble doesn't permit proper names... go with it.

BBLASCR (There's an E on the board to hang)

Finally, as you may have guessed, Night Nurse and I have become addicted to Scrabble as of late... I have a feeling it comes out of our mutual love for crossword puzzles. We don't play every night, obviously, but whenever we do have a free night together, a game is almost played. Neither of us are stellar players, but we certainly are improving our game substantially, with both taking games with 300+ points often. We haven't gotten to the point where we can confidently give up tiles and forego a turn regularly, but we're getting there. My favorite thing as of late is that we are both trying to memorize all 101 acceptable two-letter words. Two of the latest additions to the list, ZA and QI have certainly made the game easier... I swear the Scrabble police just made up the words so as to make it easier to play in tournaments.

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Excess - that's why there's an extra E

I got nothing
And again

By Blogger Stan, at 12/20/2006 5:00 AM  

Actually, it was EXCUSES, and the proper name was CHICAGO

By Blogger Holz, at 12/21/2006 10:17 AM  

What about the meow one.

By Blogger Stan, at 12/21/2006 4:58 PM  

Hee, that one was AWESOME

By Blogger Holz, at 12/22/2006 1:36 PM  

right right

By Blogger Stan, at 12/23/2006 6:06 PM  

I did not get awesome - very very good - #1 son I think you are ready for the challenge - bring the board I will allow you to bask in my scrabble wisdom of the ages - just don't take your board and go home when I wipe the floor with the two of you.

Love, Peace and Flowers.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/26/2006 7:50 PM  

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