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Monday, May 24, 2004

Most. Expensive. Drive. Ever.  

So it happened this weekend. I got my first ticket. And my second. This weekend was supposed to be nice and relaxing, a pleasant break after the hell up to my exam. So Sunday, my bud and I decided to drive around the north bay a bit, take in the sites on the coast. Anyway, there's this tunnel in the area that's one-way, and they control the traffic with a five minute. I'm at the end of a seemingly short line of cars when we get a green, but the light quickly turns red... two cars in front of my go right through, so idiot me, being the sheep I am, decide that's not a bad idea, so I follow 'em through. Seven seconds later I see a cop car follow me into the tunnel. By the time we get out they have another cop set up, directing the three of us off to the side. Total trap, and we fell right for it.

Now, my second ticket was one I had been expecting for a while now, and I received mainly because I'm a lazy fuck who never gets around to doing anything he plans to do until it bites me in the ass. Y'see, I have expired plates. Really expired. Like almost 5 months expired. The cop told me if it had been a month later, he woulda just towed my car... so now I have two tickets to pay, along with the enormous registration fee.


There goes my tax return.

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Well you didn't miss anything with the SoCal Scavenger Hunt this weekend except me getting a ticket too for allowing a passanger to sit in a non-passenger approved area (her boyfriend's lap). Good stuff...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/24/2004 10:17 AM  

I got a speeding ticket too! I have to pay like $130+ to get traffic school. So annoying. Just because I was doing 80mph like everyone else... grrr!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/24/2004 6:36 PM  

gee, I'd like to comment on how nice it is to walk or take public transit just about everywhere. Although I have to admit to driving into the suburbs for movies these days. (The Oaks is SOOO nice!)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/24/2004 6:56 PM  

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