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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All Sleigh. All The Time  

First off, the title of this post is all for me... I have this Buffy bumper sticker hanging on my cubicle wall that says "All Slay. All the Time." and... actually, it's not even that funny to me. Oh well.

Anyway, hope you and yours had a great [insert denominational winter holiday]. Mine was phenomenal! Night Nurse and I opened up our gifts the night before (more for the fact it gave us a reason to sleep in the next morning). As I just finished Kingdom Hearts, she got me the sequel, which I can't wait to get to after I finish Bard's Tale, and she also got me a kick ass Scrabble timer for us to start training for tournaments, if we ever decide to enter 'em.

We then headed over to her parents day a bit before noon, where we ate way too many hors dourves (sp?), that eventually led into a killer dinner of prime rib and lobster... just awesome. We also both got spoiled rotten by her folks with presents, just insanely generous of them. We got a bunch of kitchen supplies we (in Kris's view, not mine per se, hee-hee) needed, got a cool paper shredder to tackle the dozen credit card applications we get a week, and a cute change jar that counts the change you put in it. Add on to that tons of gift certificates, not too mention the Superman DVD metal case set I really wanted, and we, as the kids say, made out like bandits. Now while the gifts were incredibly nice, I just have to say the whole day (which we got to spend with her brother and his girlfriend, as well) just made me appreciate the fact I now have a new family to enjoy the holidays with on the west coast. Cliche and sappy, I suppose, but really, it was just a great day, thanks go out to the whole family!

I'm at work for the next two days, but seeing as I think there's possibly 5 people on my entire floor at the moment, it won't be too busy, aside from some easy testing of the new system we're launching in two weeks. Should be a crazy next couple of months, glad I get to take some time off with Night Nurse as we head down to Key West for 10 days. It'll be the first time she'll be meeting my mom and the rest of my female brood, but seeing as she already met my sister, and that went over well, I'm not too worried.

Before I get going, quick thought on the new fantasy movie Eragon, which I caught this past weekend. I haven't read the book, but I will admit the movie was a fun way to pass the afternoon. It's nothing ground-breaking, really, but there were some great visual effects, and while the dialogue was gut-bustingly bad at times, it had a pretty good hero's journey story. The funny thing about the movie though is that you can tell the book was written by someone who grew up on Star Wars, because jeezus the story is almost exactly like Luke's journey in A New Hope. There's even this exact shot that looks to be pulled right out of the flick, with Eragon/Luke staring out at a setting sun. Just cracked me up. I'll give it 3 out of 5 Stars, not a must see in the theaters, but will be a good rental.

Anyway, have a good new year everyone, and if you're gonna make resolutions, make 'em attainable. My six words I'm gonna live by next year:

Eat less. Floss more. Read. Write.

Straightforward and to the point.

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