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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Worst. Dogsitter. Ever.  

So we lost another softball game yesterday, and now we're 1-2. It was highly annoying, mainly because we had a pretty good game, and should've won. Oh well, I had an okay game, aside from the fact I have our team's first 'strike-out' on the books for the season, by fouling out. That sucks.

Anyway, I was pretty down after the game, and went home to walk the dog. Had to get back quick, because my roommate is on vacation this week, so I'm taking care of the dog by my lonesome. We go outside, and our neighbor's dog - who's even smaller than Charlie - is out there without a leash, so I decide to rush past with Charlie, who's just going nuts. We're going down the stairs, and the little dog is chasing us. I'm dragging her along, and finally go to pick her up until my neighbor can get ahold of her's, when Charlie literally slips out of her leash, and just attacks. And I mean fucking attacks.

Charlie Murphy doesn't like other dogs. At all. Mark and I have succumbed to the fact that we can never let her play with other pups, or even let her off the leash while we're outdoors. On those times we pass other dogs on our walk, she barks up a storm and snaps, even getting a piece of some big motherfucking dogs that get to close on occasion. But this was just brutal. She clamped down hard on this dog, and would not let go. I'm rolling around in the grass with the two of them locked in some gruesome fighting, I'm beating Charlie senseless to let get go, trying to wrench open her jaws, but she's clasped tight. Somehow, after what seemed at least 30 seconds of rolling around and hitting, she let the puppy go, and I had to lay on top of her so she couldn't get ahold again.

At the moment, I don't know how the other dogs doing, but I know my neighbor took her to vet immediately afterwards with a punctured hind leg. Charlie seems fine, except now I'm sure she's come to fear me a little bit...

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Yesh, my Kahlua also lunges and growls at unfamiliar dogs. I can't walk her when other dogs are out walking, 'cause she's bound to try to attack every dog she sees. However, once she gets used to another dog, she doesn't fight, so that's cool.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/03/2004 1:04 PM  

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