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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

In The Words of Spider Jerusalem, I Hate You All  

A war in a Iraq that is a miserable failure.

Nuclear weapons coming to Iran, most likely the next step to a draft.

A party which used 9/11 and fear in such a disgusting matter it will go down in the history books.

The first sitting president since Hoover to have a net loss of jobs.

An amazing surplus that became a devastating deficit with the switch of the positive/negative sign.

5 million people lose health care coverage over the past four years.

The worst environmental president in history, and he doesn't even try and hide it anymore.

None of the polls over the past month ever had Bush breaking 48%.

This is just the tip of what has led to the belief that Bush is a Miserable Failure. So it's pretty simple... how the fuck did this happen? How were all the exit polls this afternoon wrong? How did the Democrats lose so many seat in the House and Senate when we were looking to overtake many? How did a race that shouldn't have even been competitive come to this?

Sure, a miracle may happen. The Red Sox won, after all. But if one thing is clear, it's that the Democratic Party is finished in it's current state. Politics is no longer about the issues, it's about values.

And it may be decades before rural America realizes the mistakes it's made. You've been fooled. And you deserve what's coming.

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How did it happen?
I have a cynical one word answer for that: "Diebold"

By Blogger Manchild, at 11/03/2004 2:23 AM  

Don't blame me man, I didn't vote for Bush. And even if I did, would it have mattered? Nope. Kerry won PA by a land slide. My vote wouldn't have mattered one bit even if I voted for Kerry. Now let's look back and see that 2 of my predictions came true.
1) My vote would mean nothing.
2) Bush would win. I told Kamin this in the car on Saturday when we were on route 309 after the mall. I said that I couldn't care less either way but that I thought Bush would win.

Now before you come asking me to predict your love lives or what the next lotto #'s will be, keep this in mind. #1 was a given and not really a true prediction. #2 was a 50/50 shot, so I guess I just guessed right this time. Oh well.

By Blogger Stan, at 11/04/2004 4:40 AM  

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