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Wednesday, February 05, 2003


The Crying Game

I joke around quite a bit that I'm dead inside, that there are few things that can actually make me cry. Weddings? Nope. Funerals? Not really. Break-ups? Nah, I usually break things in that instance. But this inability to cry at live situations doesn't seem be the same when it comes to TV and movies. And it's little things... I seem to remember a commercial where this father comes home with a puppy, the family is ecstatic, but the wife whispers that they couldn't get a dog until the bank loan went through. The husband smiles, says "we got the house", and I ball like a little baby. Yeah, dead grandparents, I'm a statue, but cheesy Hallmark-y commercials? Niagra.

And the movies that get to me? I can watch chick flicks, death bed confessionals, and tearful goodbyes. But I'm not ashamed to say that I crack up ever time I watch Armageddon. Affleck screaming at Willis as the tube goes back up, Liv Tyler's hand on the screen as she says goodbye, I am gone.

But what made me think about all this? I just got done watching one of favorite Buffy episode, The Prom. Truth is, the episode on a whole is average, second rate villain and no Faith advancement, but it has two of the most emotional scenes I've seen on TV. First, the 'Class Protector' award, and then 'Wild Horses' playing as Angel and Buffy share their last dance... I've been able to steel myself to other emotional train wrecks on Buffy after repeated viewings (I can actually remain tear-free through The Body after about 7 viewings), but Jonothan's speech is just so perfect, and moving... damn, hard ot put in words. Any non-Buffy fans, you see this episode, you are hooked.

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