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Monday, April 17, 2006


So Lent is finally over, and I can say that I was able to stand by my three abandonments of cheeseburgers, buffets, and mochas. Never strayed, which is quite a surprise. And this morning, I went downstairs to get my first mocha in 40 days... but instead stuck with my coffee. I don't know... just didn't feel like I needed it anymore. I'm not saying I'm giving it up for good, but I suppose since I was able to survive without it, might as well stick with it.

But I *will* be having a cheeseburger toot-sweet... holy hell that hurt. I can't begin to tell ya' how often I wanted to swing by In-n-Out... and buffets? Eh, it's always good not to buffet, and I'll try and stay away, but damn, I miss munching on 10 or so pot stickers...

So, had a fun weekend. Caught two movies with Night Nurse and Hawk, which I'll get to later, read a bunch (finally getting around to The Da Vinci Code and loving it), and hopefully spent my last weekend indoors due to rain... *sigh* it has sucked so hard out here in regards to the weather.

On Sunday though, Night Nurse and I had an Easter dinner with her folks (apparently, her family positively adores me, which, come on, that isn't too much of a surprise, as everyone does) following an Easter Egg Hunt they had devised for us inside their home. 24 plastic eggs hidden throughout the house. I hadn't been on an egg hunt in forever, and surprisingly it was damn fun. It ended in a tie... or would have if I hadn't used my height advantage to reach over Night Nurse to put me over for the win :-) Yep, 13-11 by sheer masculine over-powerment. Yay, Go Team Man!


Anyway, the movies. Friday, I convinced Night Nurse and Hawk to accompany me to see Brick. The description I gave to 'em was that it was an indie flick is set in modern day high school, but it was a 1940s film noir murder mystery, with all the cliche characters (a gangster, a femme fatale, a slain beauty, a snitch, a private dick) and the dialogue to go along with it. I personally loved the flick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he of 3rd Rock fame) does a great job, but it's Lukas Haas as The Pin, Matt O'leary as The Brain, and Nora Zehetner as Laura who steal the show. The only real problem with the flick (and why it doesn't get a higher score from me) is that the dialogue is incredibly hard to follow sometimes. While I had no problem with the way they talked (one of the complaints from NN), the cast did mumble their way through occasionally... looking forward to watching this on DVD with closed-captioning. 4 out 5 Stars.

Also caught Scary Movie 4. As expected, the flick is stupid and funny, but once again Anna Faris is able to carry much of the flick with impeccable comic timing. The Village ripping was a little too much, as that movie almost parodied itself, but I did enjoy the digs at The Grudge, 'cause that movie suuuuucked. Overall though, this movie is all about making fun of Tom Cruise. They rip into him hard... the entire final five minutes is basically pointing out how nutso-crazy he is. Sadly though, the flick is extremely short, only like an hour and 15 minutes... and seeing as they didn't attack many movies, they coulda done alot more. 2.5 out of 5 Stars... wait for the DVD.

BTW, also caught Slither last weekend, and if your a fan of old-school comedy/horror, this movie is absolutely perfect. Just downright fun at the theaters, with a few jumps and cringes of disgust mixed in with the guffaws. And for fans of The Office, Jenna "Pam" Fischer has an appearance which is awesome. If you're a fan of Tremors (which is one of my all-time favorite movies) definitely check it out. 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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Just to let you know, your so called "win" was not by "masculine over-powerment". I let you win!! So team man was only victorious because team woman did not want to see her man embarrassed in front of her parents. I still have to "sell" you to them so I can't make you look bad...hee hee! Lucky for you, I have done a good job :)

Night Nurse

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/18/2006 5:05 AM  

Dude, ditch the broad. She's already starting the excuses and head games. ;) Good thing those jedi mind tricks only work on the weak of will.

By Blogger Stan, at 4/18/2006 7:39 AM  

Hey, did I say you could comment here? Get back in the kitchen!

/please note that this is entirely sarcastic, and if I ever said anything like this in real life, I would most likely (and deservedly) get smacked.

By Blogger Holz, at 4/18/2006 10:00 AM  

I just want to say thank you to both Stan and Holz for leaving me with that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I am glad to know I am welcome to leave comments on here without being ridiculed, insulted or looked down upon due to my gender. Til next time.....

Night Nurse :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 12:22 PM  


By Blogger Holz, at 4/20/2006 11:06 AM  

Anytime sweetpants.

By Blogger Stan, at 4/21/2006 6:05 AM  

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