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Monday, March 06, 2006

Papa Smurf Blew A Load In My Mouth  

Had a great weekend, starting on Friday night with Night Nurse and I finally sitting down and watching Rent on DVD. For being such a fan of the musical, I was very disappointed in myself that I hadn't caught it in the theaters... but of course seeing as it came and went within three weeks here, I had some excuse. Anyway, I absolutely loved the flick, and it will definitely be a repeat viewer. Columbus really utilized the film medium with great set pieces (the opening song was visually stunning), unique and inventive presentations (I found myself smiling like The Joker during The Tango Maureen), and new additions to a near flawless story (while some of you may think I liked the addition of the Cat Scratch Club, it's the engagement reception that surprised me the most). I was a tad wary of the two new actors, however, with the age issue of Mimi, it was a given they had to replace her. Personally, I loved Rosario, thought she did great. Her rendition of Take Me Out, along with the sets, was just awesome. And it was great seeing Tracie Thoms again, who played Mahandra on one of my favorite shows of all time, Wonderfalls.

Problems? Sure, I had a few... all of the spoken word was a bit jarring. Every time they were given dialogue and not singing the lines, I was annoyed. Especially in the Life Support meeting... I don't know, I understand the need for a new audience, but they're going to see a musical, might as well go all out. Second issue I had was the removal of some key parts. I didn't mind the loss of Joanne's family stuff, and I was glad they removed the "sex" scene, as those were the two weakest parts, IMHO, of the show. However, they removed one of my favorite scenes/lines, with Mark and Roger yelling at eachother before he heads off to Sante Fe. I loved how Mark is slowly revealed to be an "outsider", and the movie lost that. Otherwise (okay, not otherwise, I'm missing *alot*) I loved the flick, a solid 4 out of 5 stars (and that's viewing it Full Screen! -Hee,Hee)

Saturday, a group of up packed into a car and traveled north for Wine Road's barreltasting. Its such a cool event, where like a 100 wineries open there doors for free tastings of wines they'll be releasing next year. For five bucks, you buy a glass at the first winery, and you get some wine, some food, and then after your done you move on to the next winery. Night Nurse was kind enough to be designated driver, so in the span of a little over 3 hours, we hit about 7 wineries, each of us consuming about a bottles worth of some great wine. My personal favorite, and the only one I (or anyone in our group) bought was a 2003 (I tasted the 2005 as well) Pinot from Alderbrook. Anyway, as you can expect, I got pretty happy, and the title of today's post comes from something I said while looking at myself in the mirror. I had been downing nothing of red wines all day, and my teeth were stained a bluish purple. Two other quotes that I'm just gonna include, but I don't think I can do justice:

*"I'm wearing a condom right now so I don't catch your Tourette's" -Hawk to Holz, after a particularly violent shake in line.

*"Hey [Tin Pusher], are you still looking for that salad-tosser?" -Night Nurse to Tin Pusher, innocently asked while in Alderbrook, taken completely out of context by a howling Holz.

Later that night, we all came back to the pad for a long night of games. We had some boys vs. girls matchups, in which the boys were cleaning up at Trivial Pursuit, and then got eked out in a game of Such n' Such. We all split up for a game of Moods, a surprisingly fun game, where the highlight appeared to be how many different ways you could say the phrase "Mmm... cheese." Ended up with a game of Mexican Train (don't go anywhere dirty, it's a dominoes game), with Tin Pusher cleaning our clocks.

Sunday, after a fairly annoying breakfast outing (honestly, 40 minutes for food to arrive, and only one refill of coffee? Screw you lady), the afternoon was spent cleaning and such. Then, I headed over to Night Nurse's place to watch the Oscars with her and her fam. To say I kicked ass would be an understatement, as I went 8 for 8 on the big'uns, even getting Crash and Rachel Weisz. I added 8 more correct picks for the night, but ended up with only a slightly above average 16/24 (those sorts and foreign language stuff killed me). Only real big misses I had were Cinematography (coulda sworn that was gonna be Brokeback Mountain), and Original Song (while I wasn't a fan of Crash - Magnolia did it better - In The Deep was a haunting song... but again, Amie Mann did it better).

Anyway, work is a bit relaxing at the moment (aside from my upcoming Performance Appraisal on Wednesday), so I hope to be able to get back into the swing of regular blogging.

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The wine tasting sounds great. I wish there were more events like that on the east coast.

Looking forward to seeing your regular musings again. :-)

By Blogger Kate, at 3/07/2006 10:28 PM  

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