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Saturday, November 30, 2002


And So I'm Back... From Outer Space

Well, the Big Val Holzski is back from a much needed vacation... at one point I slept for over 12 hours... that in itself was worth it. I know Tomothy had a similar experience, with over 14 hours, so I know he's feeling as good as I am.

I had a great visit with my friend Michelle in NY... I can't tell you how funny it was to see snow after all this time... heh-heh, 'all this time', it's only been two years. Oh well, it was still nice. Anyway, since I took the red-eye back east, I got in early, and I spent most of Friday asleep. Friday night, after 'Chelle's show was over, I got to go to a talent show out at a bar filled with her cast members. Man, I'd forgotten how much I love hanging out with drama-type people, they are so free... almost all the shows of talent involved singing, both serious and humorous, all a great time. Plus, since 'Chelle had been... celebrating... all night, I got to drive her PT Cruiser back, which was just too cool.

On Saturday, I got to hang out with her roommates while she was doing her afternoon show. We went out to a beer brewery, which had a pretty interesting tour, I got to see how beer was made, plus got myself a growler of Christmas Ale, which tasted alot like gingerbread, loved it. That night, I finally got to go see Sam in the final night of South Pacific, and it was great! I'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the story, but the performances were all great. The songs were all recognizable (growing up with my mom and Aunt Marie, that's a given) and the dancing was fun... there was one Stomp-like segment that was awesome. Later that night I got to hit the cast party along with 'Chelle's sister, got some good drinking on, and there was a cool DJ that earned my respect by playing Meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light, my favorite song to dance to in that type of setting.

Finally, on Sunday, I got to help in Strike, tearing down the large set. I've done this before, but it's still a daunting experience... all the talent and skill goes into putting together this amazing location, and in a mere hours, it gone. And I'm not even in the cast, I can't imagine how it must feel to them. Afterward, I got to visit probably one of the most amazing apartments I've ever, and probably will ever, see. This place had everything, X-Mas lights, statues, art, plants, an indoor fishpond, a 30" video game TV, as well as a 5 foot TV... hard to give the place justice, but I could die there happy...

On Monday, I headed down to Key West... not much to go into, but I will... tomorrow. Now, I'm heading out for the night...

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