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Monday, April 30, 2007

VBV Pt. 1: Six, Which Comes Before Seven  

All back from the quick Vegas trip Kris and I took last week. Was a great trip, not too long, not too short (we got there late Wednesday and left late Saturday afternoon). If I could describe the trip in one word, I couldn't. But I can in two: Red Seven! ... but we'll get to that. Anyway, here's some quick hits from the trip.
  • Like I said, our plane landed in Vegas around 10:15. Thanks to my stupid stomach, we didn't get outta the airport itself until 11:00. Add in another long line at the rental car place, we got on the rode around 11:30. Thankfully, the convertible we requested wasn't a Seabring, but a Mustang, which I had been dying to drive. Kris was kind enough to not complain the entire time, even though I know the wind whipping around wasn't doing her hair much good. Love ya', hon! Anyway, we checked in fine to Planet Hollywood, aka The Casino Formerly Known As The Aladdin. They couldn't get us a king, only two queens, but they did say they were upgrading us because of it. Turned out the upgrade was for a handicapped room, which sounded great at first, until we got in the shower... worst setup for a shower head ever. I soaked the floor the first time turning it on because the only position was nearly vertical, perpendicular to my chest. It took some working, but we eventually figured out how to at least shower... not comfortably, but adequately.
  • After going through our midnight check-in process, we headed over to Caesar's Palace to get some grub on, as Lushy was working the midnight shift at the Augustus Cafe. It's right at the entrance to the hotel, and I highly recommend it if you ever get there. Got to chat with Lushy for an hour, so that was cool. Special thanks goes to my boy for treating us to such a yummy meal.
  • Next day was pretty hectic as we drove around visiting friends and doing a little bit of eating and gambling. After some buffet, Kris and I decided to do a little Pai Gow at our hotel, and I just got creamed. The game is supposed to last awhile, but man, i can't tell you how many Jack high, Queen high pai gows I was getting. 3-Card Poker didn't treat me much better, and within an hour or so I was down $150. After that we looked into trying to see if there were any good half-price shows available, but came up snake eyes. Instead we headed over to the MGM and just picked up some Ka tickets for later that night.
  • We then got to head out and hook up with Hawk at his new pad (which consequently he'll be moving out of in two weeks, anyway). It was great seeing him again, and even better to hear how great he's doing in school. After some catching up, we dragged him over to Lushy & Meli's pad, then out for some damn good pizza, where Hawk and Night Nurse were able to trade poop stories. Yeah, that part was as fun as you'd imagine, but the pizza was unique and tasty.
  • We ended the night by bidding the budding parents adieu, and then Hawk, Night Nurse, & I went to catch Ka, the new Cirque De Soleil at the MGM Grand. It was our first show of this type, and I think we all came out of it a bit underwhelmed. Not to discount their aerobics, that part is truly fascinating... it's just about halfway through, my mouth became agape, not out of amazement, but of confusion. I completely lost the story they were trying to tell. Anyway, aside from a scene I dubbed The Human Plinko, and an out-of-place balancing performance on a spinning wheel, it was somewhat of a let-down. I will say the booze was strong, though... delicious pre-made pina coladas.
  • The only real sit down gambling we did during the weekend was later that night, heading out to a locals casino, Sam's Town, in the hopes of finding a $5 Pai Gow table, but no luck. Still we all got to play a little blackjack (lesson the first don't split 7's when the dealer shows a deuce... lesson the second, don't split the second set of 7's you get in the same hand), and then lost some more money at the pai gow tables (thankfully not as fast as the earlier table). Sadly, the only winning I had the entire time was $10 on a video poker machine waiting for someone to get outta the bathroom. Total losses at that point, $280.
To Be Continued...

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