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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Games We Play  

This past weekend, Hawk and I entered ourselves into a charity poker event at a nearby golf course. They had a few things going on, like silent auction, golf games, and something called bunco, but it was the No-Limit Hold 'Em that we showed up for. I thought there was gonna be a bunch of people there, but when the cards went live, there were 52 participants for the $100 entry. As it was for charity, only the top three got some money, with the top ten getting prizes.

We all started with $10,000 in chips ($20k if you paid an extra $50, which I didn't), and each table had 8 people who dealt to themselves with only one deck. What this meant was that after each 12 minute round, you were lucky to get around once as much time was spent shuffling and dealing. It was like one massive home game, which after some initial trepidation, I found to like. Anyway, before the second round was over I was down to about $7000 after a I bluff raised on a river against someone with a boat. Oh well, at least I didn't lose to much. Anyway, a couple hands later I was involved in my second all-in of the night, which turned out to be the most anti-climactic hand ever. Short version:

I hold K-J (which will be my pocket-hand of choice 3 more times in the night!), and the blinds are 500-1000. I push all in with about 7k in middle position, and am called by the button, who I have covered (he had about 4k), and the blinds fold. He flips over K-8, which means I have pretty dominated (I want to say around 75-25, but I could be wrong). The flop comes Heart-Heart-Heart. The turn is a Heart. The River is a Heart. Neither of us have a heart, so we split the pot. That sucked, but the table couldn't stop laughing.

A couple hands later, I run into the same guy again, with me holding KJd. He calls my all in, and he shows AQd... crazy. The Flop comes (one card at a time) like this: Q-K-A. He has two pair, I have a straight draw. The turn puts a Q on the board, so he has Queens full of Aces (killing my straight draw), and I have two pair. I'm screaming for a king to come on the river, but it doesn't materialize, and I'm down to about $3k with another round before the first break.

An all-in later doubles me up, and I go into the break (48 minutes into the tourny) with $5000 in chips. The problem is after the break, the blinds are going to be 2k-4k, and I have one hand before I'll be the BB. Thankfully, after we return, I catch Pocket Aces on the first hand, go all-in, and have 6(!) callers. By the time the hand is down, I have a full boat, Aces full of 8s, and I'm up to $30k, just like that! Never count yourself out! [sidenote: I actually did, texting Night Nurse "So i'm almost out, but [hawk] is kickin ass"... Hawk had about $40k at this time and was playing well]

Anyway, the blinds continue to rise, and I stay about even as others begin to increase they're stacks, when once again I capture KJs with the blinds 5k-10k, I go all in for about $30k, get three callers plus the blinds, there's a sidepot with two other players, and they both go to the end, with one of them going all-in with a straight, but getting beaten by a flush. Me? My K-J beats 'em all as once again I hot a lucky full house! A couple hands later, I knock out two more people with pocket ducks (deuces) and neither of their live cards catching anything.

Once we got down to two tables, I discovered my table had been extremely tight, as many other players are over $200k in chips, and with me having a measly $80k and the blinds bumping up to $30k-$60k. Thankfully, I'm able to stay alive to make it to the top ten, and as the other table plays hard, I sneak into the final table of 8. I've got a bit more than a BB at this point, and after a lucky double up in the BB with 9-3 offsuit (my 3 of Clubs gave me a flush!), I still have nothing to work with, and am eliminated in 7th as my A-2s loses to K-Qs when he pairs up on the flop.

Overall, I had a great time. Got a gift certificate to a Sunday brunch, as well as three bottles of wine, plus I felt I played well without making many mistakes... I was the only one from my original 8 to make the final table, and I learned to love (perhaps a little too much) Kojak. No-Limit Hold 'Em isn't really my game, but I certainly enjoy playing it.

Speaking of games I enjoy playing, my softball team Quick & Dirty had our first game of the season yesterday, with us winning 13-10. I get the win, as I pitched the first 4 innings, and did a surprisingly good job, striking out two players in a single inning (which *never* happens in slow-pitch softball). Plus, I was able to make the final out in right field in the seventh with bases loaded. Only problems in the game was that my in-field play was seriously lacking (I actually did a pirouette on the mound when a hard ball was hit back at me) and my bat sucked, as I went 0 for 4, with 2 pop-outs, a flyout to left field, and getting onbase after an error at third... still, I did score there, so that's something.

Finally, for Night Nurse, just to prove I wasn't making it up in our Scrabble game on Friday, an Ifrit is a type of fire demon. Only problem is, it probably shouldn't have been accepted, as it looks like its a proper name... or maybe just an Arabic word. Oh well.

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2 things. What's BB mean? and Ifrits were all over the Final Fantasy games.

By Blogger Stan, at 5/17/2006 4:44 AM  

BB = Big Blind. It's the forced bet by someone two to the left of the dealer button

By Blogger Holz, at 5/17/2006 9:54 AM  

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