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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


So, apparently, I have a distinguishing habit I always do that I never really noticed before. It has been pointed out to my friends (who were drunk at the time, and therefore of looser lips) that I am a very audible sigher. Like Gore-level. But unlike Al, I seem to do it all the time, in all instances.

At first I thought I only did it when others make inane, stupid comments, which I guess there are alot of. It's more a subconscious reaction to the "Whatever" going through my head.

I'm wondering if it has something to do with breathing difficulties. I've never had the strongest lungs, and always came in low on that... uh... breath-device that the doctors tell you to blow into.

Anyway, if I've ever sighed alot around you, and you felt offended, apologies, I never realized I did it... and for my friends who have begun sighing incredibly loud around me... well fuck you.

Update (11:30) - I asked Tomothy about this, and this was his response: "You do everything loudly though, so why not sighing?! I mean you are a walking comic character "Ouch, Ahhh!, HOT!, Auuugh!, etc" You also do things like yawn and sneeze louder than most people I know. That's just you though."

And I guess I'm cool with that.

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