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Saturday, March 22, 2003


Hypothetical Scenario

I want you to picture something. There's a Mafia Boss who is known by everyone for participating in, and in most cases, being the cause of horrible atrocities. He's killed so many of his enemies, they're incalcuable. He's killed police officers. He's killed children in large scale attacks. He's been doing this so long, many wonder why he hasn't been stopped, but the truth of the matter is, the government can't prove anything.

Now we have another Gang Leader. A young up and comer. He doesn't have the power of the Mafia Boss, but he's gaining the respect of the downtrodden around him. After gaining the ire of the Mafia Boss through many minor infractions the police turned a blind eye to, in a move without precedence, the Gang Leader decides to direct his followers to go on a major crime spree. In the process, many people die, innocent people caught in the crossfire and cops, and the police are after him. Their blood begins boiling, revenge on their mind, but the Gang Leader goes underground. Truth is, he didn't have that big of a following, and now alot of his leuitentants are either dead or captured. The cops can't find him. They've looked everywhere, but he's nowhere to be found. Hell, he could even be dead.

Now, the police are getting hounded by the public. They demand justice. So the cops remember they have this big Mafia Boss they've been dying to get at, who's done similar acts of horror... just not recently. They know the Mafia Boss is holed up in a tall building, surrounded by people who have nothing to do with his actions. So what to do? They decide to bring up all the old horrors the Mafia Boss commited (at one point they almost arrested him, but at the last second decided to drop the case for no reason), and threatens that in a few years, hell he may commit something similar to what just happened to the city. After a while, the public begins to think the Mafia Boss actually had something to do with the Gang Leader's crime spree... close to 40% of the city, when asked, says it was the Mafia Boss who actually planned it!

So we have police officers, SWAT, the FBI, all beginning to swarm the tall building the Mafia Boss is in, ordering him to come out in 15 minutes and most likely be imprisoned for life, maybe even put to death. If he doesn't come out, they'll begin firing into the building's windows into the floors where they think he is. He remains inside, and 16 minutes later, the begin shooting up the place, blowing out the windows with hundreds of weapons. At the same time, a small group of citizens from the city are a block of way, having the audacity of protesting the attack, asking them to remember there are thousands of innocents living in the building that they could be harming. And hey, this doesn't really seem that legal. These people are then ridiculed for daring to question the wisdom of community leaders.

Not that I'm commenting on anything...

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