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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Karaoke Night Again  

Karaoke Night Again

Man, tonight rocked all balls, I had a great time. Our softball team, Quick & Dirty, actually won a game (currently 3-6), and by won, I mean dominated completely, winning 26-1. Of course, they only had 8 people in the field, and their best hitter got injured in the second inning throwing the ball around before our batter came up. Oh well, a win's a win. Sadly, I did not fair so well, going 1 for 5, and even that hit was questionable... and I got on base three more times, all on errors. I'll just say I'm saving myself for the homerun derby on Friday, where I plan to fail miserably... okay, not really plan, but I'm expecting it.

Anyway, as it was Wednesday, we once again went to karaoke, and since there wasn't too big of a crowd, I was able to go up and do 4 songs. My impressions on each:

  • BNL's If I Had A $1,000,000: I did this last week by myself and ran outta breath incredibly quick (since it's a duet). Thankfully, Mark was there in a clinch this time, and we had a great time. I can't do Steven Page justice, but it's a fun tune. We may do it one more time so I can do Ed's part instead.
  • Blues Brothers' Soul Man: This may be better with two people, but I had a great time up there by myself, performing the song for the first time to the DJ's memory. I plan on doing it again sometime, so I can incorporate the dance moves.
  • Hanson's This Time Around: Not afraid to say it, I totally rocked this one, not missing a beat. One of my favorite Hanson songs (all you fuckers who just laughed can go sit and rotate), and it was my best performance of the night, possibly since I've been going.
  • Eminem's Without Me: So it was towards the end of the night, and I was kinda tipsy, but I thought I did adequate. F'd up some of the lyrics, and I wasn't close enough to the mike at times, but I got a compliment on my stage presence during it, so it couldn't have been all bad.

  • Well, gotta go into work early tomorrow for a meeting (plus my mid-year PA, which I'm a little scared about) so time for Trip McNeely (my karaoke name) to hit the hay...

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