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Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Blogging the State of the Union
We'll see how long I can keep this up... I'll be updating the upper most layer every time, so this should be read backwards (if read at all)...

*Not a bad response. I like this guy. Not much more to say than that...

*America is still too vulnerable... but what about the Ballistic Missile Program?!? And the lasers that are sure to come!

*Thank God they're challenging the domestic fiscal actions. I have no problem being supportive on foreign affairs, but the domestic agenda is crap.

*"But to be strong abroad, we have to be strong at home." Had to be said.

*Did Bush even mention Osama Bin Laden's name?

*I have no idea who this guy is...


*And that's it... surprisingly very little malapropisms from The Global Potentate GW. Nice split between domestic and foreign affairs. But I just realized, did he even focus on the State of the Union?

*So he keeps mentioning this Coalition of others who are with us in our fight... did he actually mention any specific country? Not even the UK?

*LOL, I think Ted Kennedy is asleep.

*Oops, my bad, he just said we all believe in the armed forces, now they're cheering...

*How come I never saw anyone in uniform cheering once?

*Okay, this is gonna be horrible, but I just thought of it and it wouldn't be fair not to say it: Saddam kills whole villages in his country... so if this continues, doesn't this mean soon, they'll be no more people living in Iraq, and he'll have no power? Man, I am so going to hell...

*GW said something like the only reason Hussein would horde huge amounts of weapons is to dominate, intimidate, and attack. So that's why we have nuclear and biological weapons, right? Right?

*We've found 19 canisters of something, but don't know where the other 29,000 containers are? Hmm... I know there's a sarcastic comment here, but I'm gettin' tired...

*Hussein has shown utter contempt to the United Nations... man, the joke is almost too easy...

*Heh-heh, we can't let Iraq become the next North Korea... but what about the current North Korea!?!?!?

*America won't be blackmailed by North Korea... but we'll pay a ransom.

*"The path of this nation does not depend on the decision of others"... oooh, U.N., you just got bitch slapped by the leader of the free world! Rules? Warcrimes? Wha? Screw y'all, we're gonna kill all those motherfuckers, and you can't do a thing about it!

*When he was talking about biological weapons being sold to others or used in blackmail, I immediately thought of The Rock... that movie ruled. I mean, the biological threat didn't rule, that sucked... but man, Sean Connery kicks ass

*Terrorist Threat Integration center... one place with all the information on terrorists organizations... is it just me or should they simply call the group T.A.R.G.E.T.

*Woo-hoo! Ballistic missiles will soon no longer be a threat! Star Wars rules!

*War on Terror at 35 after... wow. Glad to hear we're winning... those four ghosts who didn't come through the Canada border a while ago really scared me

*Glad he's discussing AIDS, it's been in the background for a while. And the foreign crisis is getting crazy... here's hoping 3 Billion a year is gonna be able to help... I doubt it's enough though. We'll see.

*Wow, the first mention of foreign affairs at the halfway point... interesting choice.

*No human cloning. It's still far off, we can't even clone a dog yet, we ain't gonna be cloning any humans anytime soon.

*Partial birth abortion... no comment, only because I can't get into it.

*Drug addiction... a single destructive desire to fund terrorists, you dirty dirty pot addicts! And once again, the only way to turn away from drugs is by the church... wonder how many men have turned to drugs after being molested by their priests... oh, I know, I know, that's a minority... I don't fucking care.

*Faith-based initiative? Is that the actual name of one of his plans? Is this like a government sponsored Crusade?

*Woo-hoo! $1.2 Billion for Hydrogen powered cars! Where the hell did this come from? And should I be worried about explosions the likes of that blimp (sorry pulling a blank) every time we have fender benders? Probably not... good job GW.

*He wants more local power... but keep our beautiful forests... are we gonna bring up the Alaskan Wildlife Preserve again?

*I'm actually supportive of his plan to limit medical malpractice costs, but a $250,000 limit is just wrong. I would say somewhere between 1 - 5 million, not too sure where yet

*Whoa, just saw Laura for the first time tonight... she looks just like a doll of June Cleaver

*Why oh why is privatization of Social Security still being considered? The NASDAQ recently dipped below 8000... stop trying to push this idiotic plan

*Oh man... balanced budget.. spending discipline in Washington... OMG, that's too funny

*Hilarious to see the split in the audience of those sitting and cheering... I always remember most people cheering together with Clinton

*He's not gonna pass our problems now to other administrations... god this is too easy... taxes, social security, war on terror... Only gonna be a problem for two more years

*Everyone gets a job... how can state governments keep employing people if they have to take up the load after the tax cut?

*"Save millions of lives from a terrible disease"... wonder if he's gonna comment on the fact he's appointing a gay hater to the AIDS commitee

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