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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

One Ugly Ass Victory  

So, yesterday was game one of Holz's double-game pitching extravaganza, and while on the books we get a win, it was a truly pathetic sight to watch. First three innings were good, fielding wise, and batting wise, and we went into the bottom of the fourth 16-6. Since we were game one of a double-header, we had to be finished by a set time, so we wanted to stretch out the inning a little bit so we could end on a high note without having to go out there again. Sadly, half of the plan worked and we stretched the inning out. Going out on a high note? Not so much.

Something I've come to realize when I'm pitching is that I'm good for three innings, and after that, I get a little Mitch Williams-like. So in that inning, I walked 3 people, one of which with the bases loaded. The worst thing is knowing that the woman up to bat has been told to take a walk, so she's not going to swing at anything. Anyway, the team just started to fall apart with nearly every player making some type of error. By the time the last out was made - an amazing catch by our left fielder that I am eternally grateful for - the final score was 16-15. Nine fucking runs in one inning... and they had an automatic out because of only two women!

Tomorrow's game against the first place team is gonna be a tough one, and a blowout if we play like we did yesterday. My pitching is in jeopardy too, because my left shoulder has been killing me all morning. Can't even lift it without pain. Thank Joss for painkillers though...

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Pain lets you know you are alive! (just kidding). Don't blow out your arm, your team needs you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2004 8:42 PM  

It looks like you almost pulled a Wild Thing yourself. Nice Philly reference by the way.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2004 4:04 AM  

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