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Tuesday, December 31, 2002


It's that time again, time to make a list of all those promises that you probably have no chance of completing, and which you'll most likely forget by March, anyway. Oh well.

Holz's Ten Resolutions For 2003
  • Get in shape. True, not very original, but it's something I'm striving for. That means continuing to eat healthy, and a membership to a gym... which I have to go to.

  • Pass at least one actuary exam. Results for my past November exam come out on Friday, so that means studying for my May exam starts on Monday.

  • Go to a comic book convention. I've been reading them for over a decade, I consider myself a fanboy, but I've yet to go to one of these geekfests.

  • Stop buying so many DVDs. Honestly, there is no reason to hit Suncoast almost every Tuesday, when I probably won't even watch it for a while. Although my latest aquisition, BNL's Barelaked Nadies was totally worth it.

  • Pistol-whip a motherfucking bouncer, six-two. Hell, worked for Eminem. Okay, so maybe not... but perhaps a show of some initiative in the bar fights that have cropped up around me lately, instead of being the peacemaker.

  • No More Fast Food. Well there's no chance of this happening. But I can cut myself down. Last year I told myself I wouldn't be going to McD's anymore (I cheated 4.5 times) and In-N-Out only once a month (which aside from vacations to Vegas I followed really well). But I still became a slave to Taco Bell, KFC, and Wendy's. So this year, I'll allow myself a fast food visit only once a week (and still follow last year's rules). Here's hoping I'll stick with it

  • Start writing again. I've been meaning finish up my Deacon Faust trilogy, and there's always my conclusion to the Hellion's Revolt trilogy. I've already started in the fanfic contest over at the BuffyBB, and I'll be linking to my entries once the contest is over (although I find it pretty obvious which ones are mine)

  • Take up a new hobby to distract me from TV and comics. I realize it's really pathetic that those are two of the only things I can identify myself with. Some thoughts: learn to play an instrument (guitar?), try roller-blading, take some pictures/videos, or maybe an amateur bowling league.

  • Visit my family and friends more. I have 24 vacation days next year, and I plan on using them to the fullest. Whether it be Vegas, Philly, or the Keys, I'm gonna be doing some traveling.

  • And finally, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson...
  • Continue to kick ass.
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