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Wednesday, September 25, 2002


TV Is The Alien Sitting In My Home

Someone get me a glass of water and a baseball bat, stat!

I was talking to Tomothy last night (I had about 3 minutes free between commercials, plus I gave him an extra 2 minutes of closed captioning of Smallville!) and he asked me what shows I'll be watching this season. I couldn't answer then, but I had some free time today, and made a rough draft of exactly how my prime time viewing habits will most likely look like this season. Note, these do not take into account watching Conan/working out from 7-8 every weeknight, or choosing to watch The Daily Show at 11 Monday-Thursday. Football games on Saturday/Sunday morning are also excluded, as are cartoons, standup comedy routines, and the occassional ST:TNG rerun. The following is only my very own Must See TV.

8:00 - Free!
9:00 - Watch Alias, Tape Angel
10:00 - Free
Intesity rating: Average, can go out and allow two VCRs to get all shows, but still look forward to staying in.

8:00 - Free, with option of Fear Factor
9:00 - Watch Everwood, Flip to Raw
10:00 - Option of watching the End of Raw
11:00 - CSI Season 1 (TNN )
Intensity Rating: Tame, nothing I can't miss yet (although I'll try to always catch CSI)

8:00 - Watch/Tape Buffy, Tape Gilmore Girls
9:00 - Watch Smallville, Tape Haunted (for now), Future Tape 24 (since F/X will not be reairing)
10:00 - Free (but not really, I'll be watching tapes)
Intensity Rating: High, pretty much all of my favorite shows. Never call on Tuesday's.

8:00 - Watch Dawson's Creek (final season!), Tape Enterprise
9:00 - Watch Birds of Prey, Tape Fastlane (this could flip)
10:00 - Watch South Park, Watch Law and Order if I feel like it
Intensity Rating: High, especially if Birds of Prey is a good as I'm hoping, and my 10-11 hour is not free for tape watching.

8:00 - Watch Survivor or Monk, using my discretion, Flip to Smackdown!
9:00 - Watch Push, Nevada, Tape JKX & Off Centre (maybe), flip to Smackdown.
10:00 - Free
Intensity Rating: Moderate. For a night many consider their favorite, this is surprisingly light for me. However, realizing I will most likely have excess tape form the previous night to watch, it could be bumped up to High

8:00 - Watch Firefly (for as long as it's on)
9:00 - Watch John Doe (my favorite new show so far)
10:00 - Watch L&O: SVU
Intensity Rating: Moderate, a lot of shows, but my VCRs can easily handle it, so I can go out and have some fun. This will prove difficult come January though when Farscape and Stargate: SG1 start up again on Sci-Fi. My primetime schedule then will most liekly start at 5:00

8:00 - Free
9:00 - Free
10:00 - Free
Intensity Rating: Low. Reruns of Pretender and Buffy air on a couple channels that I can watch if need be

By my calculation, I will be watching about 11-14 hours of live television a week (1 hour per show), and about 5-7 hours of taped TV a week (45 minutes per show), so we'll say about 18 or 19 hours a week watching TV. Add in another 5 hours for frivolous options, I'm only spending one day a week on TV... about 15%... that sounds about right

And no, that's not pathetic at all.

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