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Friday, November 15, 2002


20 More things

Well, seeing as I'm not tired anymore, I'll try and finish my list...

81) I have an oral fixation in that I nearly always have to have a toothpick in my mouth at work.
82) Everytime I go to Taco Bell, I spend $7.16 on a Chicken Quesdilla, Soft Taco, root beer, and a Steak Grilled Stuft burrito, no beans.
83) I've read every Dean Koontz book ever published (except for One Door Away From Heaven which I started this week)
84) When I go to In N Out Burger (once a month, max) I order a 3x3, Animal Style, Protein Style, well done fries, a drink, and a vanilla shake
85) I've seen Batman over 30 times.
86) My favorite Buffy: TVS episode is The Zeppo from season 3
87) The worst nightmare I ever had as a kid entailed my kindergarden crush, my parents waterbed, and a cat on it's hind legs approaching me carrying a knife.
88) I have two recurring nightmares: one in which I am in traffic, and my brakes stop working and I begin to slowly approach the car in front of me, and another where my teeth are loose
89) My first online alias I used was Kane X at the X-Men Briefing Room (now called xmbb.net)
90) I once shot a paintball ref in the head three times by accident
91) I use AOL promotional discs as coasters
92) I use a louffa in the shower. I also use Herbal Essences hair products.
93) My dream job is to own a comic book store
94) When I walk around the office, I often have Play That Funky Music, White Boy going through my head
95) I sneeze extremely loud. Twice, I was nearly sent to the principal's office for sneezing.
96) I am a Democrat who is pro-death penalty.
97) The last time I went out hunting with my father, I nearly blew his foot off with a shotgun
98) I get a perverse pleasure at getting the high score on my friend's computer games, especially Tetris. I am known for scoring so high, my score goes negative, thereby messing up their Top Ten list.
99) I've been romantically involved with three separate sets of sisters
100) While I joke that I am dead inside, I'm a pretty caring human being.

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