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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

VBV Pt. 3: Red Seven!!!  

Previously, Holz's wallet was nearing empty, but his stomach was full.

So, it's Saturday morning, and by the time we force ourselves out of bed, get an extended checkout, pack up all our stuff (thankfully we had a second bed to throw all our stuff on over the few days), and head out to get the car outta valet, we have 5 hours until our flight gets off the ground.

As Hawk was working all morning, we hoped we'd be able to catch Lushy and Meli one last time before we ran out, so we headed over to Caesar's Palace one last time (they both work there). Before sitting down for lunch, we spent 20 minutes or so walking the Forum shops... not really my scene, but if there's one thing Night Nurse has taught me in the past year and half, it's how to appreciate purses, so we looked at a few. But as our stomachs began to growl, we cut any shopping short and went to get some grub at the Augustus Cafe, again.

So as we are walking through the casino, I've got the urge to bet something, anything. If you've ever been to Caesar's, you know the minimum's on the card games, especially on the weekend, are a bit out of my comfort zone, so Kris and I decided to play a spin of roulette. Now, I know people say roulette is complete chance, but I have this belief that a croupier can make or break a table, and if they get into a habit of spinning and throwing at about the same speed, the chances go up a bit that they'll follow a pseudo pattern from spin to spin. Looking at the board, it seemed to me a 7 was due, and since it's always a play of mine (along with 11 and 23), I went for it. I plopped $20 down and asked for a single marker, but they could only give me four $5 chips. Night Nurse wanted to do a 5 dollar black bet, but the minimum was 10, so I threw one on top of hers, put a fiver on double zero, and $10 on Red Seven. Lo and Behold, after a spin, Red 7 hits to my utter enjoyment, and all my gambling losses from Thursday night are gone with a 35-1 rake, leaving me now $60 positive. I cash out immediately, tip the croupier (Eileen) the original bet, and Kris and I walk off to lunch, with 3 black chicks and 2 greens in my pocket...

But oh, it's not over.

After a tasty lunch, where we were able to say goodbye to Lushy (sadly Meli was swamped and couldn't make it... sorry we missed you, hon!), we headed back towards the car. We passed the roulette table and I got the itch to use my green chips ($25) which were just burning a hole in my pocket. So I look at my original table, and I just don't get a good feel for it. So I go to the one next to it, and it looks to me my number's due. The wheel is given a spin, and I quickly ask my $25 chip be split and put on 7 and 11. Only problem was, this croupier seems to speak no English, and only at the last second does she accept straight bet on 11, only. So what hits? You probably guessed by the 'sadly', that my lucky Red 7 hits for a second time. Missed out on that one.

But no worries, I'm still feeling good, and Kris and I begin walking around, looking to cash out. We proceed to walk in completely the wrong way, and nearly get to parking without finding a single cashier, so we have to walk all the way back just to cash out. But I still have the bug. I've got 3 black chips and a sole $25 piece in my hind... and it just feels weird. So I go back to the original wheel that treated me well (technically the other one would've treated me well, too), and take my previous seat. I can't decide what to bet it on, so I let the first spin go, thinking I would've bet double zero straight up, but thankfully it doesn't hit. So people are making their bets on the second spin and I still can't decide, so my lovely lovely lovely girl Kris just says, "Bet Red 7, again", so I give the croupier my green chip and tell her "straight up Red 7".

Turns out it's still Eileen, and she says to me "Hey, I was just about to tell you about this guy who did the same thing an hour ago and won... but it's you!" She proceeds to tell the story to the table, and a couple others follow my bet, and Eileen wishes me good luck. The wheel spins for my final time in Vegas this trip, and as it bounces around, I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach... not sureness exactly, but more than hope, that it's gonna hit. The ball stops bouncing, but the wheel is moving too fast the first go around for me to even glimpse it as I'm at the opposite end. The second time, I know I see it in red, but I'm not sure of the number. Finally upon the third turn, I'm greeted once again with my friend Red Seven.

My hands shoot up in the air in a double fist pump, and I scream the cliche, "YES!!! WOO-HOO!!! RED SEVEN, BABY!!!" My jubilance can't be contained, and Kris is in utter disbelief, as for the second time I hit an unbelievable 35-1 bet. Three separate bets, and Red 7 hits each time, with me winning over $1200, I am in ecstasy. I cash out immediately, tip Eileen my original bet again, and proceed to run to the poker room to cash out.

With these winnings, and sense of "why the hell can't Vegas always be like this", Kris and I head back to the shopping district, where we get her a brand new Coach purse that has literally been on sale for 4 days, as well as a matching wallet. Like I said above, I've come to appreciate women's purses, and this one is actually pretty cool.

So yeah, there's my Red Seven story... is there ever any other number I'll ever play in Roulette again?

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That story actually got me excited for you. Congrats, bro.

By Blogger Stan, at 5/03/2007 4:11 AM  

Where is your Spiderman 3 review? I have a few choice words about the movie.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/07/2007 7:53 PM  

Oh, I do too. It's coming

By Blogger Holz, at 5/08/2007 8:01 AM  

Excellent. There is much to say about the movie, but it's tough to do without spoiling it. Although the directing, writing, actors, and CGI managed to spoil the movie enough.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/08/2007 8:26 PM  

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