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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mathametics of Spawn of Kiefer 2.0  

The last time I can remember doing a post on the show 24, it involved the Mathematics of a nuclear explosion not harming Jack Bauer, since he was behind a rock. So even though that was, jeez, four years ago, let's go with the theme. This post comes out of a discussion with my mother on whether or not the kid of Back! Show Killer! Rena Sofer, dubbed Spawn of Kiefer 2.0 by some, could actually be Jack's kid. While I thought it was possible (especially how they went outta their way to find an actor who looked exactly like Elisha Cuthbert), I just didn't think the math would've added up, seeing as I thought he was together with Teri, during a good part of their marriage. Au contraire... let's see.

Using Wikipedia's 24 articles, I've put together a rough timeline as to how much has passed since that day Spawn of Kiefer 1.0 and the wifey were kidnapped.

S2 over S1: 18 months
S3 over S2: 3 yrs
S4 over S3: 18 months
S5 over S4: 18 months
S6 over S5: 20 months

So add on another 9 months of pregnancy, and we have to have a starting point of about 10 yrs. The kid obviously is supposed to be about 13 or 14 on the show, and we know that Jack and Teri were having trouble in there marriage, so it's definitely possible that it coulda happened during a time they were split up. My only problem with this is that I thought DirtyMoleNina was Jack's only "infidelity" at this time, and according to my mom, it was two years before the start of season 1. I thought they had just gotten back together at the start of the show, and I'd have a hard time believing that they were separated for 3 years and got back together. Sadly, I can't find any corroborating mention of the timeline for this.

Oh well, if it turns out he is Jack's kid, at least it could be plausible...

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