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Wednesday, May 28, 2003


All The Thrill of a Convertible, Without The Fun

So with my test taking place last week (and me bombing it miserably - don't ask) my friends and I then took our trip to Vegas this weekend to blow off a little steam. First off, for the first time I actually drove to Vegas instead of flying, first stopping off down in Los Angeles to pick up some friends (there's 7 hours driving right there) and then off to Vegas (another 4 hour drive). Throw in a flat tire occuring at the halfway point, with about 2 hours driving to 5 separate tire dealerships trying to find the right tire size, and it was a long trip.

Gambling wise, Vegas was a loss for me (two trips in a row, I need to be on the plus side next time!) but almost the entire trip I was breaking even, going down occassionally, but then hitting a pretty nice slot win to get me back. It was only at 3am on Saturday night that I decided I was either gonna leave up or down, screw this breakin' even shit, so I started making large blackjack bets. That line of thinking worked for about 5 minutes where I actually went up, but then I decided to cut my losses and bet it all... lost it all and we went to bed. Oh well.

Partying wise, Vegas was also somewhat of a bust this time. I was pretty excited seeing as it was Memorial Day weekend, there would probably be a good crowd of party going young adults. And I was right... emphasis on crowd. We decided to go to The Palms and hit the club Rain (if you watched Real World this season, yeah, that's the place), and got there pretty early (around 9:30) so as to get in before the main push came. Suffice to say, it took us literally 15 minutes to find the end of the line to get in. We were told it would take about 4 hours to get in, but I had a feeling it would be even longer, and if there's one thing I wasn't gonna do in Vegas, it was stand in line to pay for drinks. So instead we decided to head to the Luxor to see if we could get into Ra (a friend of a friend was dating the doorman, so we had a shot).

And here we have probably the most memorable moment of the Vegas trip... the drive to the Luxor. For those who have never been to Vegas, it's pretty much impossible to walk from place to place on The Strip, and The Palms was pretty far off The Strip anyway, on the other side of Highway 15. Usually you take a cab... "luckily" for us, a friend had driven a truck to drive all six of us there. I say "luckily" because we would have to get on the 15 for about five minutes... and the three guys had to sit in the back of a pickup truck going 70 MPH. Now, I'm a huge fan of convertibles, the wind running through your hair... but there's one thing convertibles have that are just great... seatbelts. Basically, a seatbelt in the back of a pickup consist of gripping the edge, and holding onto your own ass. Overall a pretty fun ride with a dash of 5% fear of losing my life. For Vegas, I like those odds.

Sadly, we waited in front of Ra for about an hour, but no luck with trying to get in (there was some private thing going on), and after an hour we went to Mandalay Bay to check out RumJungle. Line wasn't too long, but we decided to stay in the lounge area and watch a cover band that was pretty good, do a little dancing on an open floor, and driunk a bit before heading back to The Sahara.

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