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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Holz Blogs State of the Union 2006  

So, I guess I missed last year's SOTU (edit: my bad, turns out I did do it).... oh well, let's see if I can document my thoughts tonight... hopefully I won't get too drunk. Here we go... and don't forget this is too be read backwards. Why? Who knows... Oh well, transcript of the speech from AMERICABlog

7:26 - BTW, was DeLay there? I don't remember seeing him all night?

7:20- One more final thought... I just read over my 2003 SOTU, and he mentioned he wanted to offer amnesty to illegal immigrants. Tonight he said any plans on immigration cannot include amnesty. Flip-Flop?

7:09 - Final thought: No mention of Katrina, which is a big surprise. Amazing.

7:03 - And that's it. Aside from the energy thing, the Ryan White Act, immigration, and finding out we're at war with The Island of Dr. Moreau, did he offer any proposals? Wow, that was incredibly boring... I expect no bounce here. He. Talked. About. Nothing. That was just... wow, pathetic, in my opinion. I can't even comment on the Democratic response, as I feel the homophobe from Virginia they've chosen to respond will put me in a coma.

7:00 - He's asking Congress to re-up the Ryan White Act? I can't wait to hear form the detractors on this... "I ask Congress to pass my Protect All Puppies Act"

6:59 - I just missed the entire Laura Bush thing, I was still laughing too hard at the dangers of animal/human hybrids.

6:57 - ANIMAL/HUMAN FUCKING HYBRIDS?!? Is he fucking serious?!?!

6:53 - These crime and pregnancy stats don't sound right to me. I'm pretty sure all these stats have been *increasing* since Bush became president. Oh, and the number of abortions have decreased? Aside from birth control, I have a feeling this is because there are barely *any* doctors who perform abortions any more...

6:52 - There's a lot of mention of math and science training here, which I think is great. But what about English and art and music? Do we want mindless automatons with no sense of creativity? I've just gotten my first 1984 flash of the night... surprising it took me this long.

6:48 - 22% increase in studying coal and nuclear power, eh? Wow, no danger there... ugh, I'm about to pass out this is so boring, none of this will be happening. Sadly, I just missed the hybrid car discussion... oh well, it won't have any impact... my pessimism is getting really bad now.

6:46 - And here' healthcare... this is the shit I was worried about. The health savings account... just. doesn't. work. It is not health insurance. It doesn't help. It's a smoke screen for people who can't afford *actual* health insurance. And wrap it up with med liab reform... I admit something needs to be done, but mistakes can't be let off scott free.

6:45 - He just gave his immigration policy... and I swear, I didn't realize it was possible to conflict with yourself in three different ways, but it sure sounded like it to me

6:43 - Holy hell, this Social Security mess is gonna come back, isn't it? Glad to see the Democrats join together in something. And Bush is right... we do need to put aside partisan politics... and we need to put aside any fucking aside of privatization.

6:42 - Earmark reform vs. line-item veto. Yeah... that's not really gonna work. Hey, a joke! I almost laughed, but more at his face than the joke.

6:40 - All these tax cuts... I honestly don't think Americans can be trusted with their own money anymore. It was just announced that the savings rate is negative for our country and only getting worse. I think we've shown we can't be trusted... of course, I'm not sure this government can be trusted any more than us.

6:37 - Hey, he's pulling out job stats! I can't wait to see the *actual* numbers tomorrow, compared to how they were fondled. And whoa, he's bringing up immigrants and how they're needed in our economy. This could be an interesting comment in the coming days.

6:36 - This terrorist surveillance program has not been used my previous presidents the way Bush has, and it's a bald-faced lie. Warrants have always been used. When you can't even follow the rules in getting a warrant three days after the fact (hell, three months!) you know there's more up with it. Dems *must* attack this issue. But will they? No... cause Democratic leaders suck ass.

6:33 - Damn, now he's talking about compassion abroad. I coulda sworn this speech was gonna be primarily domestic issues. Glad he's mentioning poverty, hunger, AIDS, and all that, but he's done that every year and while he offers platitudes and proposals, I can't say he's done anything.

6:30 - I just noticed Dick's tie keeps flickering on the camera, highly distracting... I wonder if it's my TV or if it's a secret hypnotic device. I could go either way.

6:29 - Democratic reform around the world... mention Palestine, mention Hamas, pleeeeease! Just something... and there it is! Man, I am really glad he didn't gloss over that... but to say they need to work with Israel... I mean, there's pipe dreams, and then there's warp tunnel dreams

6:28 - Jeezus that was a long applause for the fallen soldier's family. And did the wife just flirtaciously wink at Laura Bush?

6:26 - Umm.. how the hell did a dog get in there? And why aren't people trying to make him bark with a dog whistle? Only I would do that? Oh well...

6:25 - Bush is gonna reach out for good advice... you can tell all the Dems want to curse the bastard out... and when basically any dissent is marked as treason, how the hell can we advise at all?

6:22 - *sigh* I'm a bit bored. Just thought I'd say that... but wait! My first notice of Democrats not standing! Maybe something is going happen now

6:18 - Hee, The Supremes had to be told to stand and applaud. And Alito was last... weird.

6:17 - And holy hell, he mentioned bin Laden. I seem to remember him not being mentioned once last year.

6:15 - First 9/11 mention! Drink! BTW, how do democracies guard against terrorism, when terrorists are elected? And no, I didn't mean Bush, I'm not that far gone yet...

6:14 - Umm... he didn't seem to convinced that the state of our union is "strong". If fact, I thought he was gonna admit we were in deep shit

6:13 - Very sweet intro on Coretta Scott King. I liked it... and it didn't even seem forced! But did he just use the word raw-strum? Ummm...

6:12 - Heh, after the Prez's introduction, they cut directly to John Kerry. You just know he's thinking "I was supposed to be up there"

6:11 - "He's is not a great communicator, but he is a very likeable guy." Have these news people seen the polls lately? A majority of Americans hate this guy...

6:07 - Laura next to an Afghani women and a black man. Pretty representative. And now the Pres is coming in... sigh, my bile is already rising. *swallow* You can get through this.

6:05 - The supreme court justices get a huge applause... I haven't gone into my hatred of the Alito appointment, and I doubt I will. Suffice to say, if you haven't googled the phrase "unitary executive", you have no idea what the nomination was about. Republicans can't overturn Roe v. Wade, or else they lose the country for decades. But an all powerful king? I think Americans are stupid enough to allow it.

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im a card carrying republican and proud of it!

By Blogger daveT, at 2/01/2006 4:17 AM  

I registered Rep simply because it allows me to vote in the primaries and get the worst guy elected so taht the dems can win the big election easier. I think of myself as a Dem spy.

By Blogger Stan, at 2/01/2006 4:50 AM  

BOOOOO! m telling on you stan!

By Blogger daveT, at 2/01/2006 5:45 AM  

Holz, you make me glad I didn't watch it. I wanted to, but Edo didn't think he could stand it even for a minute.

I'm gonna read over the transcript when I have time, but I can't believe he didn't mention Katrina. How can you talk about the "State of the Union" without mentioning the chunk of the country that was under water for a month?

By Blogger Kate, at 2/01/2006 7:22 AM  

cuz it made for good fishing reserves?

By Blogger daveT, at 2/01/2006 8:21 AM  

Gave his ranch in Texas beach front values.

By Blogger Stan, at 2/01/2006 1:01 PM  

You can't spell bullshit without bush.

It's been less than 24 hours, and already the Presidents bosses in the Oil business have told them that weaning the country from their oil dependency is NOT what this administration stands for.

So put those statements into the same bullshit file as the human/animal hybrids.

By Blogger Manchild, at 2/02/2006 12:43 AM  

How about them showing Hilary smiling and shaking her head a couple times?! I thought that was great!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/02/2006 4:36 AM  

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