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Thursday, June 19, 2003


Hypocrisy of the Two Parties

Has anyone else noticed the slight hypocrisy that is occuring between the two political parties at the moment? I'm talking about the whole absence of WMD situation in Iraq. Ignoring the fact that the Bush's too-broad view of labelling any weapon isn't a pea-shooter a WMD (despite what some may think, chemical and biological weapons are not weapons of mass destruction), the truth of the matter is the administration has repeatedly told the American public (not to mention the entire world) that they had undeniable proof that Saddam had/was making these so-called WMD, and this was the reason we had to attack Iraq without provocation.

It is now crystal clear that the administration lied. They had no proof. They went in guns blazing under the hope that they would find a large cache of weapons. They didn't find shit. And the fact is, even if we found any evidence tomorrow, it's too late. It is now a fact that the administration (I won't say Bush, because, come on, there's a chance he was just given faulty information) lied about having any hard evidence. They didn't even have circumstantial evidence.

So here's the conundrum... once again we have a president/administration lying to us. I'm not so naive that I can't admit Clinton didn't lie to us concerning his marital infidelity. But the truth is, at the time, and still do this day, I don't care. He lied on a subject that was not politically relevant. He lied because it was a private matter between husband and wife. Obviously there's more to it than that, but the fact is, it wasn't a lie concerning his job. Was it an impeachable offense? I said no. Conservatives said yes.

Now we have a president/administration lying to us about an action that involved invading a country (and it was an invasion, don't delude yourself), killing innocent civilians and our own troops (who are still dying by the way... what, you didn't actually think the war was over, did you?). We have an entire region of the world calling for our destruction. We've lost all sympathy we recieved after 9-11. There's even a sense of a holy war on the horizon. Is this an impeachable offense? I say yes. Conservatives say no.

There's obviously hypocrisy on both sides. However, I think it comes down to a little more than simply lying... Benjamin Disraeli once said, "There's three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Clinton's lies were just that, lies. Bush's lies are damnable beyond belief... and if the job approval ratings are any symbol of how the the country should be reacting to all this... that's the biggest lie of 'em all.

"Everyone lies, Michael. The innocent lie because they don't want to be blamed for something they didn't do, and the guilty lie because they don't have any other choice." ---Sinclair, Babylon 5

"We are men of action. Lies do not become of us." ---Westley, The Princess Bride

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