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Friday, June 20, 2003


Someone Call a Doctor! This Man Has Had Stomach Pains For A Year!

Yep, it's been a year since I entered the little activity known as webblogging. Thanks to my BuffyBB pal Wicca_Willow, I originally started posting because I wanted to keep track of interesting things that were going on in my life at the time, mainly because I have the worst memory (short term, long term, doesn't matter) and I thought this would help me remember a bit.

It quickly grew into pretty much the best way of staying in touch with friends and family... I'm not the best when it comes to staying in touch... apologies. I've made some great connections from this little blog, both online and offline, and I hope I've been able to bring the barest hint of a smile to your faces on occassion. I realize my language can get a little... blue, on occasion, so if I've offended anyone in that regard... well, you know what you can go and do :-) That's just how I am...

Wish I could give a bigger entry on this momentous - hehheh - day, but work is hell... but what else is new. Hope y'all keep reading, I plan I putting up a list of my favorite entries from the comments section sometime this weekend... and since it's so new, I don't think Stan's latest comment should be eligible, so I'm going to include it here, only because it summed up my site pretty well, and had me ballin' all the way to the office:

Too much politics say the simpleton. Speak more of comic books, concerts, and road trips. What we don't know can't piss us off. Ignorance is bliss. I pledge allegiance to apathy and ignorance! Yo Joe!

Thanks Stan... you will forever be "The Man"...

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